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Cryptocurrency News Jamie Dimon X22 Report Fintech Roger Ver BTC

20 February 2018, Tuesday
18 051

live from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boss of Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto is your boy BK and if you're like me you must not like money today is October 11th and bitcoin is pushing 5,000 who would've thought right but as you guys know essentially in doing so it has sucked up money from the rest of the market and the alt coins have been struggling and are in a correction how do we profit how do we survive how do we thrive and come out on top like a boss if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK my friends know me as the crypto trader and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day somebody can profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said you guys we are gonna jump straight into our check to see who we got rockin out live on the air with us and who's gonna win some cash money so let's see right now the question of the day was for a hundred days challenge we have this portfolio right there and on this portfolio we're looking at makes and moves today you guys that's why I wanted to do this video we sell in the green and we buy in the red and so today we go do a little bit of both so the question of the day is what coin on this list that we have what coins should we sell and what coin should we buy so let's see I see some pretty good answers but I just want to make sure all right all right my man Clement says with headlines like Bitcoin cash getting crushed it's probably good to do the opposite and buy you might be right you might be right so here we got let's see let's see let's see I like this right here let me make sure let me make sure let me make sure let me check out one of them real quick hmm yeah I'm gonna give it I'm give it to my man Daniel nomes Gomes who said bye pay sale Mona like a Bose there we go that's what we all do that's gonna be one of the moves we make so congratulations my man Daniel what I'm gonna do right now is a copy and paste your name and throw it up in our Facebook group let's do that real quick for the people facebook.com/ roots bibi ka crypto trader is called the number one bitcoin group in the world check it out it's got 12,000 of my best friends you guys we come together seven days a week to get paid right and that's what we do we profit together we eat together you know we learn together and it's really really really a vibrant community so what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna share this link on our Facebook group because I always forget to do it and people on Facebook pay say VK you ain't let us know you would lavell me out so that's my bad my bad and then if people in the chat don't never say hey BK you know you live on the air that's a Facebook group no but that's cool we work with it and what do I need it's right yeah so here we got you guys out of the Facebook group again number one Bitcoin group in the world as you can see we have 12,000 members about two hundred waiting in line just to come inside it's a really really really amazing community really vibrant community so my man Daniel owns do me a favor like that picture come in on and send me your Bitcoin wallet and I'll send you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation thank you for joining us thank you for being a valued community member and thank you for giving us a little bit of insight on what we should do with our portfolio now let's get to the money so here we go you guys we are going to look at our portfolio and again the link to this portfolio is for our 100-day challenge you see altogether we're not doing that great we're down about 30% but truth be told we should have got rid of half these coins two or three weeks ago so that's honestly that's my mistake on that a lot of these coins we should have never held to drive as luck Drive us as low as they have a lot of these coins we called the bottom we picked it you know Mona was 180x was one neo was one you know so but a few of these coins we let get the best of us and honestly that's uh you know that's a rookie mistake that's my mistake I'll take I take the heat for that one but what we're looking today to do is consolidate our risk and maximize our potential you understand so it's two sides to trading there's risk and there's profit and it's not even profit it's potential to be profitable right there's risk and there's like likelihood or expectancy will say expectancy right so when we were earlier early on a lot of put it this way the first week we bought a lot of garbage coins which had a lot of risk in them but a lot of potential right and ultimately it was those coins that ended up costing us because the risk and the potential both didn't happen right but then later on we tighten our belt down we said okay BK you know it's time to get serious let's get these power coins back in here you know let's get some neo in here let's get some 8x in here let's get some aetherium in here even though eth is down we bought it a little bit too early but that's all right you know let's get some pivots under the belt so one of the things we're gonna do today given that the market is on a one or two days spike right and this is how we do it right here we just go to BTC change 24 hours right and right away if we just go to market cap the top ten coins you know top ten top 20 coins everything is green this is when we want to sell we sell in the green and we buy in red so we know that it's you know a good day to sell when you click on the first page of coin market Cap'n you know 90% of everything is in the green it's hard to go wrong right so given that's the situation that's what we're going to look to do is consolidate our risk and the coins that we are going to sell are the worst-performing coins but the ones that have the biggest bounce today so essentially we'll be able to wipe off a lot of this negative downturn you know in one day's worth of trading right and again I don't want to go through the chart of every single coin but if we would have actually followed the boss method we would have sold half of these coins a long time ago but being that this was a trading challenge and I wanted to take a lot of risk early on you know we learned our lesson right so one of the biggest coins that we are going to sell are the ones that's hurting us the most this is going to be golem GMT storage sto RJ and see a coin we're going to cut the bottom three off today and I know some people might say storage isn't up that much but it's still so far underwater when you look at the chart it's broken right now and so essentially we're gonna have to wait and time this money right so we're gonna wipe these three off the books today I am writing this down as we speak so that this thing will be updated right storage golem and see a coin right and again there is there is likelihood no I'm and some one person in the chat just has a my selling at the bottom no I'm not selling at the bottom because we just made 16% over the last 24 hours just by having it so I'm actually selling at the top given that this will not be turning around anytime soon right Bitcoin and and that's the other thing you have to think about you guys and that's something else that I wanted to pull up on this chart this is my account on trading you please go on if you want some you know charts follow me I post the chart almost every day but what I'm doing right now is I'm going to go back in time to a chart I posted in September it was wake up Dorothy Bitcoin is not going to 6200 I made a whole video about this one chart right and this is the triangle I drew I said if bitcoins gonna go to 6200 this is what we need to do Bam Bam Bam I thought we were going to go down here it didn't happen you know but even when I'm wrong BAM I'm still pretty much right you understand so bitcoin is pushing this triangle on a path what looks like it may be the 6200 this thing could very well fake us out you know and fall off the side of the cliff but for now I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and say you know if I had to bet on which which event would more likely happen I would say that one over that one right especially since I nailed it you know in all levels under Fibonacci and that was just a freestyle - that was a freehand freestyle on a Fibonacci how legit boy right so with Bitcoin going up we know that the alts are going down right this is why when I open this this whole slide up right there I showed you two of the biggest coins in the game Bitcoin cash and aetherium both hanging out out at $300 ain't no weight with multiple billions of dollars outside of Bitcoin that those two coins are only worth $300 right no way no way possible what so ever ever ever ever ever but that's the way that's what the market says right now so given that information we're going to leverage a one-day bounce to get out of the worst-performing coins on our portfolio which just so happened to be the best-performing coins of today right so it's a win-win situation we're gonna we're gonna assume that Bitcoin is going up the ult's are gonna continue to go down so let's sell in the green and cut the fat right if in a if it ain't paying it ain't staying and right now Gollum ain't paying storage ain't staying and see a coin ain't pan right boxes is next up on the list but I'm gonna give it to benefit of the doubt right cuz it actually just had a big little little spike this week so those are the three coins that we're selling that's the rationality behind it and that in turn will give us about you know 0.015 maybe 0.015 to go put on the market somewhere else in addition to that so let's let's write that down so we sell those we get 0.015 right oh one five and also we're gonna sell Mona to top right so we're gonna jump out a Mona because Mona is swinging and this is what I wanted to show you guys with Mona we're gonna we're gonna start trading Mona right we gonna pimp Mona out we don't put her on corner say put on your best pair of heels put on some red lips they can go work or see next week right so here we go let's fill up Mona real quick so that's a 343 on momentum and if I look inside this thing what's gonna happen what I what I believe is gonna happen is that green is way too far from that orange right little brother is about to get yelled at from strand a straining too far from home so what's gonna happen his little brother is gonna have to come back down let's turn on the 21 real quick little brother is gonna have to come back down inside the 21 and when that happens he's gonna have to go inside the house and take a nap for a little bit granddad is gonna come up right probably do something like that and then once little brother gets approval again he'll be able to go up but that won't be probably for another week or so and in the meantime we'll have our money somewhere else so we're bait we're about the beef we're about the flip Mona mean we're gonna sell it high by it back low because long term in the cycle it's in right now this is a solid solid solid coin but I did this trading challenge not to show you guys how to buy and hold we're gonna start flipping these points just like we did with neo selling it at 60 and buying it back at 53 we're gonna do the same thing with Mona right now it's not natural for the seven to be that high above the 77 we do have long-term momentum given that the 77 is above the 231 but we need the green does need to come back inside the 21 and once that happened that this thing would have fulfilled almost like a little double pump pattern and consolidation and that's a normal normal healthy growth so what we're doing is we're calling the top of that second little pump saying okay the green needs to come back down for a little bit where do we expect that to happen right here around 15,000 and that's where we will look to buy it back at so we are selling right now at whatever price it's at what is the 21 are those candles oh my goodness yes we're definitely selling this yeah 22,000 that's crazy I didn't even know that candle is that I'm just looking off this stuff yeah we're definitely selling this you guys this stuff this is gone right if you got it sell it jump out because the alts are about to go down and this thing is about to crash face-first into the ground right so 22,000 21 K we're selling Moana right and we're gonna look to buy it back under 15 that's gonna give us just on just on the selling to buy that'll give us a gain of almost 50% in moment in about a week and a half right in addition to that so now we got about 0.03 big corner right because we essentially doubled up on Mona cuz we bought it at 12 we bought it back here and we're selling it up there that's a solid double up right as we bought it at like 12 8 and if we sell it up there okay 60% 70% that's not bad almost 100% game so we should you should have about 0.03 from that entire operation and what do we want to get with 0.03 now let's look at this chart we can play this one or two ways we can go for our best-performing coins and this is why I said we sell in the green and buy in the red right one of the things I want to do is supplement our best players right this is like in the offseason you listen to the NFL Draft and you hear good teens going out and picking up a really good player Cleveland goes and gets Dwyane Wade so let's don't find us D Wade right now so we could win another championship where do I think D way to sleep in it I don't think he's right there even though that's a good coin for the next month it's not it's not a good coin right now because it's it's hot it's on a one-day hot streak I think Dean Wade might be sleeping right there right I think Dean Wade might be sleeping right there let's check the chart 8r dr and this real meal training you training people you appreciate this kind of content do me a favor hit that thumbs up button this is my money on the table right now that we are literally trading and growing together just to show you guys that you can be comfortable you know swing trainning crypto currencies on a daily right so if you appreciate that hit that thumbs up button because because we're growing it together our door is pretty good it already bounced once OMG looks like this - this is what Moana needs to do right now remember what I say it word only difference Ramona is it spiked right there but it's still that green needs to come inside the house right so actually this is where we will be buying Moana back next week but we can buy our door back right now and this part of the cycle the only thing I don't like is the fact that we are underwater we bounced once but I know that this market is going to be putting downward pressure on the alts which may in turn drop us down to that white line so I'm gonna hold off on this one right now only because I expect there to be a massive sell-off in the market and that in turn will lower this price and I think we can get it at a much better rate down there somewhere right and that doesn't look like a lot but when you trade in when you swing trading it actually is we're gonna we're gonna put a Buy in at the bottom of that candle and that'll actually give us another 15 percent remember I told you guys you make your money on the pie so what we will do right now what I'll show you how to do on our next call is this is going to be us a limit I order at thirty seven fifty butchie's and we'll do that in our next video it won't get there you know for a couple days but that's gonna be where we expect to buy our door at right but in the meantime we could go put our money somewhere else so let's check out the next one which is Shaquille O'Neal of the East I'm just writing all this down so I remember to execute it limit by thirty seven fifty here we go this actually looks a little bit better believe it or not and the reason I say that is because wow 343 huh none of this stuff looks good that doesn't look that great either all right I guess that's not bad given that situation it's not great but it may be the best that we can do right now yeah okay that looks a lot better actually cool yeah so we'll buy some neo right now and the reason this one's better than a lot of the other ones again this is not the best situation you want to be buying in but I think given all the other coins it should put us in a better situation neo is one of these strongest coins on the market Point Blank period right and if we can buy this thing what is this at a 50% discount we need to be able to do that seven days a week right so I say this is a good chance and especially since we just bought it back at 53 we bought it back which is basically right there right so all we're doing and you can see our strategy now and this is even more of a reason why we should buy it is we're increasing our position at the bottom the relative bottom and if they this thing drops back down there guess what we go do probably buy it again you understand cuz this thing isn't going any lower than 0.005 right so all we're doing is where you're gonna increase about half our position and mio you know at the local minimum right so there you go we're gonna increase neo and is that what the one guy said sell moment by neo isn't that what our winners say it o buy peso mama okay so we'll do a half order on neo and let's check out pay it's not bad what I do like about pay down here is that we have local support all the way from back there a lot of people don't realize but a lot of times that topped right there that little pink gives you support on the fall right in addition to that we have a big big big area of consolidation right before that wave happened right there and that would essentially be a 100 percent reset a lot of times it doesn't get that low pivots did this right before it broke out we're broke too that you know long-term support and then it shot back up you know out of the money zone so pay is not bad down here either and plus pay is making money right now like you got to go where the money at right and this is where I said paid would be a buy anyway given the chart now granted we're buying it at a high I don't necessarily like that because just naturally I think it was swing down a little bit over this next day or so so for now we will put we'll put a limit on pay too because I think this thing is going to drop back down at least two right here and that'll be 40 mm we'll put a limit by right there on pay we're buying mio right now when we got to limit buys one on pay and one on our door and that's good for right now I don't want to do too much more 42 right and then a tomorrow what we'll do is um I'll go in on bit tricks and show you how to put the limit buys in because the market will be down tomorrow you know you know you know you don't get both sides of it to where bitcoin is going to all-time highs and the Hult are up twenty thirty percent all that means is there's a little bit of money that flowed into the alts it's probably going to get pushed right in the Bitcoin or or if Bitcoin pulls back then we'll see a little bit of a spike on these alts either way will be set up okay right but more than likely a lot of these coins swings so when it goes up like that like this is at 343 when you get like seven green candles in a row more than likely you're gonna get two or three going the other way before you're able to continue up right we're still under our buy zone I think that's gonna be the best buy area given a risk and a reward but we're still a few days out of our complete cycles so I think we can get it down here just to be a little bit stronger going up into the next part of the cycle Nexus is good one of the people in the Ted s what about Nexus it's broken I love the concept I'm gonna be throwing some money in on it just as you know because I like it but I'm not throwing money in on it looking for it to break out you know and go back up here somewhere you know this thing is broken it's gonna be broken for a while it lost a lot of money you know down in here so probably one of their investors somebody somebody pulled the plug a while ago so we're gonna need them to come back in the market before we ever have a chance you know to be to be salad so hopefully that can have been somewhere around they're not around they're probably around there right but Nexus is struggling right now but I love I love what they're talking about doing though I'm gonna reach out to them to see if I could do an interview with them so there you go you guys those are the trades for it today just to review let's see here I have my sheet of paper we got a we're selling Mona at 21,000 which is crazy considering that we bought it at twelve eight or selling Mona for a big big game we're putting a limit body in that our door on at thirty seven fifty Satoshi's and we're putting a limit by that pay down at forty forty three thousand and we're gonna buy spend half of what the money we got right now and buy me oh right and the price we're getting neo at let's just write that down this is what we'll start doing I'll probably start doing one or two of these videos at least a week just to walk through and update our portfolio in real time the price we're getting the other good price Wow double-o 61 so that's not back that's not bad at all this is one of the strongest coins in the market so there you go um we sold strata while ago we don't have Stratton that's it you guys that's all I got time before I got a jump one a one on one call I'm about 20 minutes late or so again make sure you subscribe we will be doing a lot more of these updates I took a few days off really just because the market was in such a downturn it wasn't too much we could do but now that we're starting to get some cycles in it I think it's good to jump back in make a few moves and just plan for the future so here we go you guys I hope this was enjoyable make sure you like and subscribe let's jump into our chat for our global global shout out so let the people know what country is from we got about a hundred and fifty 160 people live on the air rocking out with the boss right now so yeah make sure you drop in a chat we're gonna go over to our website you guys boss of Bitcoin dot-com we do have a cup of products available for your purchase and the first one at Oakes is the profit package again this is the list of the movers the Shakers and the money makers in the market it's up probably two or three thousand percent since I put it out using the boss method and if they're bitcoins you guys we actually just bought one of the coins on that list today now I'm going to tell you which one but it's on there right and that coin that coin is gonna do some damage in the market right so the profit package is is a really really great list I spent about two or three months putting it together it's a long term list and using the boss method jump in jump out you know we just moved that money right around the circle right so when number 10 is cooling off you know number number four is picking up right when number four is cooling off number eight is about the pick up number eight is up about ten percent today we just saw on the charts and number one again has the key to the city you know we watch number one wit with our diligence to understand what's gonna happen in this market number one is at and number six is at six and that's for reason because they balance each other out but between the two of them you can understand 90% of the information has been passed in this market right next up on debt we got the dream team and Jayco said it best he started with a dollar and a dream so if you got a dollar in the dream then you got a coin on this list and a seat at the table to put your cars down face up and win some money so here we go the dream team man this is the next generation of coin two three four generations out number one they don't even know what is they'll do yet but it's talking about doing something crazy so its own this list number two is like the digital superhighway economy of China 3.0 right and speaking of China we got number six and number seven that's like the Batman and Robin you know for the next generation of finance so you can see on this list you guys a number number nine we actually just talked about on this call which will be doing some amazing FinTech technology blockchain you know really really amazing things that they have built into number nine I'm really excited about it so the dream team is like the second third generation coins that just came out this year and because they're relatively new a lot of people don't know about them yet so this is a chance especially days like today when coins are beat down you know seventy percent in two weeks you can really jump in and like I'm putting in a few thousand dollars on this list alone this week today point blank period dream team coins only BAM you know I'm saying posting G's on it come back like a boss so here we go last up we got the one-on-one meeting with the boss if you want it to get some face time with your boy you can do it right here we go to boss of Bitcoin comp any twenty five dollars the rest of the details are in the description and that will take you to this website right here we're then you're able to pick what time you want it which every time we review so say you wanted to do something you know Sunday afternoon we don't got the afternoon but the morning service is still available a.m. damn that button now we got some face time and now I'm working to make you money right that's my favorite part of the day and Brian I do apologize you know things got a little carried away on these charts you know he probably watching this video like BK who's supposed to be meeting right now I know I'm sorry so there you go guys that's that's how that works three options one more is gonna be coming out pretty soon look out for it that's gonna be really really really exciting and let's jump over to our people let's see who we got rocking out with the boss right now who said believe land big Brian holding me down for the two one six shot out to the land let's jump up here Colorado Springs is big in the building London across the pond Ireland UK Orlando Belgium Romania two times what's going on Miami Beach shout out to the 305 Venezuela my people down south for the equator jerk money is in a building with big do life right Bulgaria Canada Canada two times what's up Missouri friends the moon everybody we got Martians tuning in right now Jersey baby Manchester UK Utah Wales one mo let's do it one mo the Netherlands laura's vo Kansas Carter the u.s. big Brady holdin it down for the Heartland and crypto jug he said he'll Bluto I can't even do I can't top it ain't got none knows I'm up I gotta get to my one-on-one 40 minutes late that being said you guys it's that time of the day signing out this the boats yo boy BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay and California a good night good morning and good day thank you so much for joining me I do appreciate your time we have 13,000 subscribers guys hit that like button it helps everybody citizen you right I took a lot of time to uh you know walk us through how to trade how to read and the charts and how to propel yourself for a long-term success in the markets so hit that like button and click that bell right up under it so you get two notifications you come back on live on the air win some money like a boss hit that bill click that Bell do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'allскачать dle 11.3
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