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20 February 2018, Tuesday
17 924

laughs from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts a big coin the crease though of creep dough is your boy BK and if me you must not like money today it's September 19 you guys and I think we're setting up for a huge run in these altcoins Bitcoin might be pulling back a little bit mid three thousands but I think a lot of these all coins are set up to do some major damage and today we're gonna touch on one of them this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became my friends know me as a crypto traitor and I am the boats of these charts as you will soon find out every date my voice can grace this microphone is it they somebody else gets the profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said we're gonna jump into our chat to get somebody paid with that being said let's go over if you are live on the air with us right now I already told you guys we got a question of the day and that question is real simple how much will - be one month from today right so let's see let's see let's see who do we got who do we got who do we got let's go with og crypto just cuz I like that name who said 420 bro I don't know if that was code but past that bet you to the left hand side but that's okay i'ma let it ride so with that being said thank you so much OD I appreciate your support brother this is what we doin right now I am copy and paste in your name it has this face but know who you are are you ot on Facebook no you don't look like Krypto Jason even though you got the backwards that that might be you is that you oh gee maybe baby so what we go through oh we go we gonna say Bitcoin winner of the day congratulations and thank you again for your support in our community I truly do appreciate it everybody if you would like to win some cash money live on the air with the boss I'm a sin my man oh gee Krypto a few bucks and BTC as a token of my appreciation make sure you hit that subscribe button right now every new subscriber that number gets bigger and bigger and bigger and the more money we make for people the donations get bigger and bigger and bigger and this is how we just keep it in the family people send me money for tips I turn around and give that money out to three times a day with every video that I do this is how it works you guys we do have a very vibrant community on Facebook it's called the number one Bitcoin group in the world you can see right there we got about 12,000 of my best friends eleven thousand my best friends and we come together seven days a week to make money all this is pretty amazing people from all over the country all over the world so literally 24 hours a day in this group we're making money together so with that being said I invite you to this community the doors are always open you don't got to pay 995 for you to me chorus you don't gotta join a secret telegram or pay some money on patreon none of that is just free empowerment for the people with that being said we're going to trade you right now this video I want it to give you five reasons why I think - is Tash and if you ain't bought it you know you might be missing you might be missing the last car on the Money Train right so first reason number one the chart trading do.com go to training view right now type in BD Kelly 1203 under authors you'll see the boss young-sam putting up views putting up charts every other day if you don't follow me you might want to I posted - this guy's about four months ago right before it doubled but right now is it looks like it's ready to do some more damage so let's check this thing out we're gonna check it out - - Bitcoin on bitch rates again trading view calm you guys we are looking at a three hundred and forty three minute candle and we're gonna be doing the boss method for all of our new viewers the boss method is intellectual property owned by Brandon Kelly LLC it consists of three moving averages a seven a 21 a 77 name we throw a 231 on top of it people can use this method for free profit seeking entities businesses banks hedge funds no no no and no you do not have my permission I never will don't use it um but if your does a regular guy tryna you know save up some money to buy a car buy a house and your kids to college get yourself out of debt pay your student loans by all means use it use it abundantly and empower yourself for the better so here we go you guys let's look at - and what's happening in these charts I am ahead of time I drew a few trend lines here and this isn't gonna be a full big thing with - where I'm giving you a buy signal and none of that what we can see right now is what's natural to the chart are these blue trend lines we have one right there where we broke down bring below two orange right so that was a major move that ended right there so that was one of our trend lines and then we have this guy which is essentially a 45-degree angle to that line but was drawn from the intersection where the green came right back at it there was a point in time I think this was on the twenty one I want to say something happened here on Earl your candle I think it was a smaller candle to where I was able to anchor those two in but that gives you an idea of the energy that's flowing inside a dash and the lanes that Dash is gonna be swimming into channels it's gonna be swimming in it's interesting I drew this chart probably about a week ago right when - was like right there and I'm like we're gonna go up to the top of the money zone we're gonna break down we're gonna consolidate it in the money zone and we're gonna make a decision either we need to break down or we need to break out so just that in itself shows you guys that you can forecast the the type of energy to expect again this was drawn from one of my one-on-one meetings I didn't look at I didn't even open this chart before I call today but you know once we break into this zone we automatically go up to the money zone we come down touch the bottom and then we sit sideways somewhere in between and then we gotta make a decision right and this is where I think Dash is gonna be catch so number one reason is the chart because the chart says it's gonna Bank make a move right once you get inside that money zone you are ready to make a move and normally it's to the up so that's reason number one right there BAM oh and put a record that is how you chart like a box oh let's look at reason number two reason number two is once we you know understand the mechanics that a chart the energy in the chart the channels that - is flowing in then and only then can we benefit from looking at the news right major events happening outside of this chart you have to remember the chart knows everything there is no well no you know media blog post read tweet hashtag nothing that the chart has not accounted for and the chart cannot predicate you understand but when you understand that okay we're in the money zone what should we expect what's the likelihood of us to go up let me let me let me rephrase it what will need to happen in order for - to go up then we start pointing to these different directions number two - debit card two months ago hi guys I'm ready to tell the new - wonder if dad's got a card available us thanks down here I want to to focus on that line but they say we should have access to a functional legal card in the US fourth quarter this year 2017 two months ago so therein lies the opportunity if - does in fact release a major plastic product in the United States it will be the first cryptocurrency to do so and this has been a major initiative for - for the better part of almost two three years now that they've publicly stated it right that's pretty big pretty big especially since it's gonna have one of those nice little logos in the bottom right hand corner that has billions and billions with a beat of dollars liquid every year it's a pretty big pretty big a pretty big deal right there and they say to expect it in quarter four of 2017 its quarter for 2017 right now next up no three we got the current debit cards out there - plastic products and you can see we got Shake spectro you quit I've heard about maybe big koala yrx raise your hand if you have one of these plastic products in your wallet right now a lot of hands go down there in lies the opportunity to co-brand that's reason number three because no good solid name-brand products exist on the market therein lies the opportunity to co-brand with number four to make some magic I just want you to watch this this is a 90 second commercial from 10x and - [Music] it sounds so good don't you agree it sounded like money sound like money - is - because 10x is bringing it home it's beautiful it's beautiful and they need if you understand 10 excess charges you see that this is like the number one buy an opportunity you've ever had with them pre ICO and that's why the charts set it up it consolidates it comes all the way down so it can break all the way up reason number five the smart money already knows they're already expecting something they call them smart money but they don't understand that they can't cover their trail on Google you know it's all you got to do this know where to look you know because they've already looked so you can see a recent recent uptick in' and this line right here is like 25 so anything under that line is like 25% but as of late September 17 - paid the name of their debit card is uh pretty pretty high up there right and that is because I need to find this guy let me hello one more website for you guys and it's a reason for that it's a reason for this being so high right now this is your this is your bonus reason right let's see where is it where is it where is it there you go there you go Bank it's a reason that's so hot and I'll tell you because when you have these guys you know telling all their partners about a new product about a new partnership about a new opportunity to make some real deal money in the crypto space they start researching it when they get to their little hotel room on a internet Wi-Fi Hilton bail that's how that happens and this is why it happened because in just a few days - we'll be hosting a one day workshop right there at the world blockchain forum in London England you go to speakers up here and you can see a second guy right there mr. Ryan Taylor will be hosting his own little private deal you know that is specialty one of the days but they said day number 3 - that's basically - day 2 where speculators speculators could very well be the rollout of the first crypto debit card in the United States there you go again none of this is factual except the charts charts charts account for everything but when you can put different ducks in a row it's real easy to understand how they all can be not now together and - is cash bank but that being said you guys I just wanted to make this a real real quick video you know I told you guys - was kind of back in May right before the thing broke out and almost doubled and I'm telling you it's cash again right here I think that black chain Forum this low guy I think this event and itself if you look at the speakers that are going to be there you have some of the biggest up-and-coming Kryptos in the world on the market right now all together and one little you know for class luxury hotel room I don't really know how I feel about this and you know considered a speaker but you know that's that's the direction they want to take us but that's a that's a message for another day anyways you got all these guys and you got another member from des Bernardo but all of these people come together and I think this type of excitement this type of eccentric collaboration cohesion will cause an uplift in the up coins that we have been waiting for all coins have literally dried up from the inside out forty to sixty percent since you know mid-may this can help it and this can be a catalyst we've all been waiting for you forget in February February to March go look at the tert before this last Bitcoin Bitcoin cash fiasco happened - was the number one driver in the markets and it very well can be returning to claim that throne within the next few days here so if you in the chat right now do me a favor shout to country out i'ma show the products we have for our community and then we will be coming back to you in about 90 seconds so do that for me if you are live for the first time watching us congratulations baby I told you you're rocking with the best a boy don't play when it comes to getting paid I make money seven days a week every day I wake up that bank account is getting bigger and this is one of the reasons why boss of Bitcoin calm I helped my people out if this is some you're looking for we got three products available go to boss a Bitcoin right now you will see my Manjeet up from the feet up you know I'm saying put the tu-16 on his back to get decked out in red white and blue looking like the American dream they said it's a hard job being a boss but somebody got to do it and these the products that he put together for you the first one is the profit package guys this is a list of the movers the Shakers and the money makers in the market for our next video I'm gonna have these numbers updated but probably three for those coins are up between 70 and 80 percent just in the past few weeks right I've sold a lot of them I haven't really gotten one real complaint so that should be something right there again these are hundred million dollar coins you guys no joke no garbage no food just the top money makers and when one is whole code you just move that money around the circle you know and keep that money flowing like an almighty stream right we go back to shop you've got the profit package next on deck BAM you got the Dream Team baby I told you a while ago Jayco said it best if you got a doll in you got a dream then you got a chance to be on the scene and this list will help you get there this is a list hand selected of the top 10 up-and-coming superstars of the crypto market some of these coins actually have speakers that are going to be on that blockchain form and you can see how it how it happens when coins nobodies never even heard about number 9 I guarantee you half the market don't even know what number nine is but it's about to do something crazy in the next two years right a lot of people know number three you you I'm sure many of us know number six and seven that's like the bam bam Batman Robin you know of the east but a lot of these coins you can work them together to achieve longevity in the market in this whole list you can buy for one or two dollars a coin when I put this thing out you can get the entire list for a $20 bill so that's you don't always have to have a lot of money to have a lot of profit and this list proves it last thing we got is the one-on-one meeting deposit with the folks this is when I get FaceTime you guys and we get one-on-one to really decide determine and decide for what it will take for you to be profitable in the marketplace so you paid out twenty-five dollars the rest of the information is in the description and say you wanted to do something you know Sunday afternoon you know after you got back from church 3 p.m. BAM click that button click that button you know you'll get an email confirmation and then we are FaceTime doing whatever it takes to to help you be profitable it's actually one of my one of the things I most look forward to and doing all of this is really the opportunity to up reach out and help people teach people a lot of times just calm people down right your money your money your money right your money I don't got enough of it in here but people get so stressed out this little bitty green piece of paper right so stressed out but the reason why because all too often we don't have enough of it right we don't have enough of it this method helps you get a lot more a lot faster right 777 boss method it works it works I spent about two years developing the algorithm and I've simplified it enough to where a second grader can understand it and it works so one of the things my goal is to get as many people all over the world I'll never even see their face but I want them to have a lot of nice faces right and in doing it that will allow society to go back to being humans again to stop trading your life for an hourly wage to stop trading your career for a 401k to stop trading your hell your longevity your actual happiness for 15-20 an hour dollars an hour plus benefits I'll tell you secret I walked away from a job making a lot of money well over 650 it's well over comfortable where now I just jump on here every day you know and help other people get money I don't I don't necessarily need fiat money anymore but I understand that the lack of it is the cause of a lot of our problems in our society just imagine what it feels like to walk through the park on Sunday knowing your bills is paid I try to get out the house every weekend and just go for a walk right no phone no distractions just walk around get out the house talk to someone right simple things that we used to do go to the park right so that's my bail for everybody if you talk up turn on the TV you know here - here - talking heads on TV with the voices in the ear tell them what to say they'll come up with 20 different ways to divide us apart but not one way to bring me and you together and therein lies the opportunity so with that being said I invite you to our community the doors are always open you know and every day I'm able to do this I give away cash money I show my people love right but that's all it takes you know to change the world one video at a time the boss will do it seven days a week so let's go ahead and see who we got rocking out with us live on the air and shout out I forget who said it yesterday but a lot of people have been putting us on to new coins new products you know I can't live in the charts anymore I'm spending a lot of time just making videos trying to figure out how to get all this stuff pretty how to do that right there you know stuff like that so so a lot of this stuff will get better over time so thank you for your patience as we build this together I truly do appreciate all you guys is support you know each one reach one reach one teach one let's see who we got rocking out right now with the Bob here we go Canada USA Australia Oh Chile Mexico City Africa Cape Town South Africa jerk money is in a building Poland is looking big right now let me throw that jurian team up you know I'm saying I'm dream chasing this evening we got Poland looking big in the building Texas SoCal Mexico Australia indeed Missouri Zimbabwe Kenya sweet Canada telephone I hate big legs holding it down for the west coast missed that was a crypto not a sea sack time India Egypt shut out shout out to Egypt Kenya Oh some one mode 1 mode down under Australia and big Cody holding it down for the Ohio plates oh wait Stan baby that being said it's that time of the day signing out this the boats you'll boy be Kate no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay telephone I ate back out wait the German a good night good morning and good day I appreciate your time subscribe right now copy and paste this URL text it to somebody you care about each one reach one reach one teach one as you empower yourself in the community continue to empower others do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic ah Brittany'sскачать dle 11.3
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