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Bitcoin Price 5500 USD Jamie Dimon Cryptocurrency News BK Cryptotrader

20 February 2018, Tuesday
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live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boss of Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy BK and if you're like me you must not like money today is October 18th and as you can see bitcoin is taking a little hit you know down to under fifty five hundred dollars I told you earlier there is a change in the tide happening right now and money is about to start flowing down to these all coins if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became my friends know me as the crypto traitor and I'm the boss of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voices another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said we're about to jump into a chat live right now on the air we got about 200 people rocking out with the boss and the question of the day is if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go I said you get a one-month vacation compliment set of boss compliments of crypto bitcoins as bought you a vacation where you go go let me know so here we go live in the chat right now we're gonna pick two people cuz we got so many of our fans and community members rockin out right now so let's go back the back where we go stop where we go stop where we go stop BAM my man Dan said the North Pole and Wolf of G back said another planet right alright alright alright so this is what we go do right now is we go copy and paste your names wolf of gene X and yon seek I apologize if I messed that up I feel like I probably did we go copy and paste your names drop it in our Facebook community it is the number one Bitcoin group in the world if you don't believe he just type it in on Facebook number one Bitcoin group in the world BAM you go see 12,000 of my best friends that come together seven days a week to get each other paid right they say every day is Thanksgiving cuz every day we eat and when we eat we break bread together so wolf of G bag and beyond say see II am you are our Bitcoin winners of the day thank you so much for joining us early rocking out with me in the chat room thank you for providing your feedback and also thank you for being valued community members as a member of our community it is my goal everybody it is my goal my sincerest intention to make everyone in this chat right now as much money as possible right I feel like people are sick and tired of being sick and tired so if I could get you paid and settle half of them problems with just a little bit more money that's what I'm gonna do that's that's my gift to you that's why I sit in front of this computer 16 hours a day seven days a week looking at charts trying to figure out how these money is moving inside this market you know I'm saying so I share that knowledge with the world I can make a hundred million dollars myself I'm good right I think I could go back go back to a big company on Wall Street a big bank on Wall Street you know I already worked for one I'm sure I actually already worked for two I'm sure I could go work for a third have my name on a cubicle and sit there for the next 30 years three Keurig coffee and a 401 K I'm saying making making six figures plus I don't do that I don't need to do that I wake up every day I come in this office I turn these computer screens on and I get to this money and I give it back to the people that's my gift to you so thank you again for joining me along this journey and so what I wanted to do without further ado is enlighten everybody to the opportunity at hand I believe my dad taught me a long time ago he said if you just wake up every day and you go to work and you have a goal and you have a dream good things will happen if you continue to work hard you know I'm saying and and and you you know where you want to go eventually you're gonna get there and I've been able to accomplish a lot of goals in my life as a result with that simple mentality and most recently I was approached by this company up I've spoken to the CEO in her her team as well and I do believe this is one of the biggest opportunities to come into the crypto space that I've seen this company is called in - and they are flying me out to their headquarters in Warsaw Poland to a document the value that they are creating and that they are bringing to the blockchain I will be gone from Saturday all the way through Thursday halfway around the world learning about what they do how they do it and more so how we can use that to empower each other remember this is not a one-person community this isn't you know the boss and followers this is I am merely you know just one person here now granted I have a voice that's on this microphone that you know gets heard a few more places but everybody are his members of this community so my goal again is to offer as much value as I can I realize the power of our network I realize the power of our influence I tell you every day we the people have the power and this is one of the days we leverage that in the hash is an ICO that is already in business right now I think you've seen these uh big brands come across the board essentially what they do is they partner with consumer products say Fanta orange pop you know Fanta right they got all these all these big big big companies right big companies big marketing budgets Big B's you know Big B's is billions and it's a it's a huge marketing conglomerate but what they do already is they bring the businesses to the individual consumers through digital influence uses her generated content Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter everything is going online so what these guys specialize in is getting a voice down stream to the individual customer and altogether already they have 350,000 social social media influencers before this video I was not one of them you know they agreed to fly me out they say it BK can you come to Poland do you got a winter jacket I say yeah I think I do I think I demand so I guess they got they got bump that up one 350 102 complements at a boss right and essentially it's it's a bridge between big big brands digital influencers and customers right but the beautiful thing about what they do and I really don't want to get into too much of their business logistics that's kind of why I'm going out there so I can better document and better capture it so I can communicate it but the biggest thing they're doing is they're bringing it to the blockchain so all those companies you know and they got they got a plethora of you know big big-time companies all these companies when they pay him they pay him a lot of money but they pay them in Fiat worthless Fiat dollars they had faces and greenbacks is what they paying in right now that's what Nestle paying me right now so Enda has say you know what we heard about this thing called the blockchain so let's create a token and a platform and let's make the new face book of digital marketing because we got 350,000 profiles already let's just throw it all on the one platform under lay up by the blockchain have our own token and make these guys pay us and our token that is the value that they are creating and that's why I agreed to get on the plane you know fly 16 hours around the world and document it firsthand and that's what you got to look forward to guys it's gonna be an amazing trip I'm really really really really excited about it thank you for everyone you know but because each every time I you know get on the air before a video and say hey like the video like the video you know that's what ultimately it comes to so again thank you for being a part of it and I look forward to going out to Poland meet meeting the team and learning about the value that they're creating and ultimately how we the people can influence that and ensure that our voice is heard and our value is retained that being said you guys that was the big announcement BK is going to Poland you know I'm saying I don't know if they find me first class but you know I'm thinking be pretty comfortable ah yeah like a boss dude so that's pretty cool I've never I've never actually been there before I've been out of the country once when I went to Brazil for the Olympics and these guys have you know came across our channel one of the things I'll tell you one of the things they like the most about us they were like BK you don't even really do any ICO videos I was like you're right cuz I think most of them are ya ain't worth investing in you know if I gotta give my money away for six months on somebody else's idea I'm better off using a boss method flipping it twelve times and you know keep it moving so like I said when I feel like value is being offered to our community it's my job to communicate that to you that's my commitment to everyone on this channel so the balls going to the motherland big Brian that's right baby that's right I don't know if it's the motherland but if somebody's laying somebody's mother's land I'm gonna be there so yeah thank you again to everybody let's see what we got I want it to run through a few things real quick that was our ICL announcement like a boss do if you have you noticed you know I'm saying I did put the put the little put the little words down there fade it out a little bit more stop hope so that's pretty cool shout out the end of heads looking forward to it real quick I just you know I go through my facebook messages and apologize if you sent me a message chanced I responded to you today sometimes it take me you know two or three weeks just to go through everybody but I got this one I just wanted to share what you guys have said hello thanks bro for your great boss method I really appreciate that it helps me a lot of making decisions thanks a lot you know it was just one guy you know he didn't have to write this but I think you know the beauty of it is you don't know who it is you don't know what country they're from you don't know how much money they made but you know that it works and you know that it helped and that's why I do this you guys so even just me seeing those few words really really encourages me so hopefully you all are making money and hopefully you know I'm able to get more words of encouragement like this as opposed to you know the other way around when it don't work out I'm sure I hear about that too right and honestly you can't have one without the other right in order for me to start making money I had to lose money because from losing money I learned how not to lose money right so that's that's kind of how it works and then with this guy you know that's that's what that's what leads me into this right this is our profit package you guys Bossa bitcoin comm click right there number one option number one number one bestseller the profit package and don't need to be updated is that a list of ten bangers right most people say they just want to buy it and hold they invest in cryptocurrency buying a whole what a problem is when Bitcoin break through the moon and go through all-time highs you know you down ten point six percent and and you held it for 61 days so essentially you're losing money every day and this is what I'll tell you guys I get paid every day I wake up I make money why is that BK why is that because I'm only buying the coins that's making the money right this is this is the profit package this is how it work we got ten coins on there we make two trades every 21 days not that hard to do and we made 32 percent profit that's not bad that's not bad at all right they losing a quarter a day we making a buck fifty two trades every 21 days trade like a boss right boss of Bitcoin calm rock out with me one time right so we go to boss of Bitcoin calm right now BAM you go see the profit package as your number one pick second pick on deck is the dream team you know I'm saying Jake Oh mixtape said it started with a dollar in a dream so let me tell you something if you got a dollar and you got a dream then you got a coin on this list especially at these prices you guys like most of these coins are under $1 right now no joke right now you put $20 down you could probably buy every coin on this list twice right what is that gonna be worth in a month what is that gonna be worth in a year I'm not talking about holding I'm talking about using the boss method because we beat holders you know seven to one most times train like a boss last thing we got is one-on-one meeting and this is when we get face to face $25 up front the rest of the information is in the description you know and this actually opens my personal calendar up to you and I have probably 10 15 meetings a week right half my day is spent sitting down talking with people so say you wanted to do Friday morning you know this week sometime a.m. BAM click that button and now you got some some face time with the boss and this is where you know if it's at least an hour usually much longer where I actually take my time work with you and make sure you leave that call empowered to move forward in the marketplace right it don't matter if you got a hundred dollars or a hundred thousand dollars my advice and my commitment to you is the exact same it's just like I said it I don't know how much this guy made I don't know how long he's been in the market I don't even know what video he watched all I know is that I'm here to help as many people make as much money as possible so if you like that you gonna love what we got coming if you wanna chat right now do me a favor shout your country out we are coming back to you in 30 seconds so let's get that let's get that a global coalition flowing right last thing I wanted to run through with you guys is really just a quick synopsis one of the things I like to try to do is um you know bring it home once in a while bring it home you know and so you know with me going Poland you know and and us all being in this whole crypto space together and I thought this was this was pretty fitting it says it uh feels good to be lost in the right direction and I think I think that's pretty fitting because although we may not know where the road leads we know that together it leads in a direction that's much better than the one we came from so just remember as we increase our affluence and influence let us not a decrease our commitment to each other right if you turn on the talking heads on TV on on any major major news channel they will give you 22 reasons you should divide yourself from me but not one reason to bring us together crypto does that crypto doesn't care who you are don't care how much you got it don't care what country what part of the world from red blue green white black up now none of that crooked straight I don't even know I don't know auto auto different subdivision Pro all right left conservative reformist national millennial right who knows who even knows divide yourself 22 times before you even wake up that's why I have to have our generation walk walking around lost right so let's just let's just cross one bridge at a time but just know that although it may be an unknown that is a much better certainty and doing it together so here we go let's go let's go hey boss have a great time in Poland thank you so much I do appreciate that I do appreciate it UK is big in the building Oh salt Boston Massachusetts stand up Green is from Paula Oh murder thank you I'm coming to go backyard we might have to meet up for coffee or some cafe you got to tell me where it good cafe is I like cappuccino latte you know that'll be cool that'll be cooler shoot me a message on facebook I would appreciate that thank you Jeffrey M Western Canada back in I appreciate a man people up north on the down booth saw I saw big Brian earlier holding it down for Canada as well what's going on sleepwalk what's going on the astrology you know astrology energy specialist I've seen a few of your videos it's good to see you back haven't seen you in a while good to see you everybody make sure you click on her click on her channel she uh spoke some uh had had some good knowledge around that eclipse I actually watched that video the solar eclipse you talked about that was pretty cool uh UK is big in a building Australia London shout out across the pond Poland I don't know good everybody in public good turn money is big Orlando Phoenix at town India Bristol boss mode activated mmm Juan Carlos what's going on big baby holding it down for the 305 big one you better be ready to make some money man better be ready to make some money big why I had a meeting with the boss you know saying he's just throwing down yeah I'm Sam putting some cash money in on the table I said wine you better be ready to put down to and pick up six he said I'm ready okay alright ATL was a Luxembourg one moment Atlanta Manchester and sack town they said they'd bust walking on the west coast thank you again guys I appreciate it I'll do this for you there is no me if there is no you again whenever you hear somebody say that BK can't make money let them know let them know if y'all like me you must not like money that being said it's that time today signing off this the boss your boy BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to the Bay Califonia all the way back out dude sir my name good night good morning a good day thank you so much for joining me thank you for your time make sure you click that bell right down up under this video that for me if you appreciate my so we meet against a cryptic y'allскачать dle 11.3
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