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Cryptocurrency Analysis JUNE 15 2017 | BTC 2450 USD | Coinbase Tutorial Polionex

20 February 2018, Tuesday
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that's right everybody you are now rocking with the best today is June 15th 2017 my name is BK I'm the crypto trader and today we got another banger for you guys if you've been rocking with me you know that every day I'd give you guys pigs some of those pics are up ten twenty thirty percent in the past few days so being that we already made a little bit of money this week you know I wanted to issue a public service announcement and a lot of you guys you know are just getting started in the crypto game so you might not really know you know the ins and outs of how these platforms work and you know how some of them take advantage of the customers and you know restrict you know accessibility to platforms they shut entire platforms down to force people down a certain way and I feel it is my duty to provide you guys with information so that's what I'm doing today uh this episode is called F coinbase and you can be creative and figure out what the f stands for I believe it stands for their report card if I was a teacher I would definitely be giving them F right now first of all you might be asking why Brandon why are you giving coinbase to F when you know there are awesome platform they have this really cool app it makes it so easy to uh you know transfer bitcoins from a debit card and to be quite honest uh it's it's it's exploitation its manipulation and they more or less have a monopoly on your smartphone and they charge absorbent fees which is just really taking advantage of the situation that they have they weren't always an exclusive app to provide you guys with the ability to buy Bitcoin but they are now and that's no accident and recently most recently uh this is really what gets me upset is is most recently um during during this latest price surge they've just more or less shut down uh their servers you know I have friends who had thousands of dollars in Bitcoin and these last few days coin base is basically shut down their servers locked them out one guy had eight thousand dollars in Bitcoin and and wasn't able to trade it and as far as I'm concerned if you're a platform you know and and it's your job to provide customers uh with accessibility to their money coinbase drop the ball in and so for that amongst many others um I have found another solution a lot of you guys in the chat you would ask me you know how do you buy a Bitcoin where do you go to buy Bitcoin and I was sending you uh to these guys but not any more the place I found is reputable it's been around for a while I'm pretty I think it was actually out before coinbase and it's called coin mama and the latest thing works it's actually really cool you know you can break it down into fractions how much you want to buy and you can get as little or as much Bitcoin as you like I actually use this thing earlier today I think I put in like ten dollars and I think if you jump over here and put in $10 it will automatically that calculate it for you you know so you just type in how much you want to buy USD and it takes care of the rest for you and again I will have a link to this page in the description it's called coin mama um and it's pretty cool it's pretty cool it's clean it works this thing again it has been out for a long time so it's so it's not brand new um you might it you might be asking why why not why why why should we switch or what other reasons are there and I'll tell you if you think about what bitcoin actually stands for and what it does um and and how that has been compromised I want to I want to pull up a couple images for you um it's a it's a distribution grid right so one of the ways even though the powers-that-be cannot control uh the making we'll call it the refining they can't control the refining of Bitcoin right so if we if we imagine you know factory being produced uh right if a factory is producing Bitcoin they can't control that Factory right that Factory is already in production but what they can control is the supply points we the people are out here you know on the outside world waiting to get you know to Bitcoin that's produced in this factory but uh when they shut down a lot of factories in the middle you know and just basically force us to go through the factory that they leave open that compromises the entire system and so that's what's happening by coinbase being the default app and even myself making the mistake of you know recommending it to you guys I can no longer support it when you know things that uh in the biggest moment uh in the market right yesterday this week Bitcoin was at three thousand dollars I'm trying to buy more Bitcoin I'm trying to move my money around and this is the message that I get right I'm like I'm locked out of my own money you know then I just do a little bit of research and you guys can you know type the hash tag in the Twitter anytime you want but you know then you just go back a few days and it's people all over the world that have this problem right I don't know how many of you guys are familiar with this guy um but he was pretty influential in the crypto market um and and now actions have been taken to uh suppress the community that supports him so I am NOT against coinbase what I am is against actions taken to suppress the people right accessibility to resources taking that away is a cognizant act to suppress the operation that existed before you did that there were many platforms you guys I don't know how how many people been buying Bitcoin two years but back in the day it was many platforms you can buy Bitcoin on cabbage circle uh bread you know all these apps more or less just disappeared inside of a year right you know you know what what else happened during that time these guys these these uh blue guys when I went out to uh they're good buddies up on Wall Street and um you know this is all public information by the way right here between 2015 and 2016 that's when a lot of this stuff happened and right there January 2015 they raised 75 mil in dollars right to expand that platform came back to summer the next year another ten point five million just to get the icing on top and right now um its article I just saw this week here we go here we go and right now they are in the news trying to get more and they said there were a billion dollars you know platform that's been out for two years and basically operating inside a facilitated monopoly that's not a free market you guys I went to school one of the most prominent universities in the world got a master's in business and one of the things we learn in that school is that if one person one company is allowed to basically run an entire industry that's not good for the customer that pays that is called a monopoly Bill Gates had one back in the day electricity GE had one back in the day and they they're usually not good right and so what they're looking at right now is raising even more money to exploit it so while we you know naive uh holders believers faithful believers in the community may think that the financial institutions that have restricted and suppressed you know allocation of resources strategically over decades we may think that they're not buying Bitcoin right now so you know they're not interested in the outcome when things like this are happening and for that I say I will not support a company that operates their business to facilitate a monopoly to exploit their customers to not provide the service that they agreed to right they're making a lot of money you guys they're making their clearing of million dollars a day right and so that's why I say we try these guys out um not a lot of people know about him but I did know about them but I didn't use them because coinbase was so easy it was just it was it was on my phone you know it was this cool little blue screen just like Facebook I was already comfortable with the colors right that's not that's not an accident right if it's easy if it's just handed to you you know if you take a product and you don't have to pay for it that means you are the product and so for that you know I'm trying to reach out to you guys to put you in the best position to be possible I will no longer be buying any bitcoins on coinbase for all for all I'm concerned that account is dead to me you know I'll go on local bitcoins calm and me to do that Starbucks and give him cash money which I've done before you know and I'll make a video on how to do that how to buy Bitcoin at Starbucks I'll do that I'll make that video right before I swing money from my bank account through an app into coin basa I don't trust it a lot of people have been locked out of their own money and it's even a videos out there talking about the Terms of Service that basically say if they don't like where your Bitcoin ends up right this is public information just look it up if they don't like where your Bitcoin ends up they can freeze your account for a potential embezzlement right so you don't even have to be doing anything wrong but the person you send Bitcoin to if they do quote something wrong according to these Terms of Service then coinbase has the right to freeze your money block you out and quote investigate the situation with established entities right so this is why we need to wake up this is why we need to be smarter this is why we need to empower ourselves with the freedom of choice right and don't just take what they hand in front of us I was talking to somebody the other day and I said somebody cooked me a dinner and sit me down at a table and put it in front of me i'ma look at and i'ma say yeah that's great and then i'ma turn my head around and say well what you got in the kitchen you know what else is awesome but what are the ingredients that I don't see what what was the meal that was you know secondary to this that never made it to the table right so there's other options out there coin mama is one of them give them a shot I will have a link in the description for it you know if for whatever reason it doesn't work for you please let me know we have a very very vibrant and active community on Facebook we got you know two three hundred members and the first day is pretty amazing you know every time I go on this page it's more people waiting yes fate news I can't be saying that word I can't even I can't even call your name out but yes you are right San Francisco logo you're right you're right and it's things like that right it's things like that you just gotta you just gotta be aware you know to all the information that's out there oh look at that so it's it's you know if you have another option I would strongly recommend using it because as consumers we have the power of choice right everybody in this universe has the ability to consciously make a decision I haven't figured out how to take that one away from us yet but trust me they're working on you know you know I'll try to look out for you guys I'm all I'm always here you know to help you guys make money and this is a big one this is a big one we have to restrict you know the demand that's flowing through this portal collectively we have a voice and so collectively once that voice speaks you know when people reach out on a one-to-one and and they're individually addressing concerns that remain unanswered from a platform that's making millions of dollars a a from its users and these questions go unanswered there's public information there's a publicly traded platform I own stock in it so yes I'm on it right now and I'm typing inquiries all you guys have to do is type in the same and just look at the dis gust from customers all over the world it's no way guys if I had a solid platform that you guys were coming to faithfully every day and you trusted me with your hard-earned money it's no way I would ever allow any of these you know outrageous comment to go unanswered and if you notice it it's all inside of probably the past week or so and what's really suspicious is after 12 or 13 hours it just cuts off all together so that's some suppression of data in itself you know so you have to think about it why would how that doesn't even look normal we go from 12 hours to June 2nd right and we got all these things inside of 12 hours so just just start looking right just start looking so I'm not you're talking about support and that's fine but when you when you line up all these different variables what happened to uh what was it called coin maybe I remember - app called coin or bread this time last year two years ago they were like five or six different apps you could buy Bitcoin on this was one of them right the future of money intuitive secure complete control over your Bitcoin download it and watch what happens circle was another one download any of these apps right this thing was released a 2015 I think updated in 2017 guarantee they not they not selling Bitcoin on it and so just you just have to look at what's happening over the past two years accessibility has been repressed that is a form of control accessibility to a resource is a form of control and so even though they are not directly on the market which to which we know of we're cognizant of they're not directly on the market they're still influencing the direction that that current flows open your eyes explore the possibilities by Bitcoin at Starbucks local Bitcoin comm is you know any city you in in the USA somebody to meet you at Starbucks and sell Bitcoin we have the power we have the voice let's use it let's make a choice and let's keep this money flowing don't let one platform stop us take it from us take advantage of us and I feel that's what coin based might be doing it not somebody from coin based reach out to me I got my email in the description you know where I'm at if if you are not doing that and you guys are 100 percent legit let me know right but I promise you at the University of Notre Dame we talk specifically about business business ethics we talk specifically about a business serving the community we talk specifically about sustainability and ideology and business optimization based around digital engagement and right now when I when I evaluate a situation it's not adding up going out two weeks ago saying you're a billion dollar a billion dollar company after two years serving clients all over the world a big be essentially becoming a bank arm and now you don't have any competition now I don't I don't I don't agree with the direction that that those inflection points facilitate so that being said that's all I got for you guys I'll have another hot hot trade for you tomorrow I promise I just wanted to get a public service announcement out to the community you notice your boy BK I try to make you money every day from Brazil to the bay good night good morning and good day I'll talk to y'all next time pleaseскачать dle 11.3
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