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20 February 2018, Tuesday
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live from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts a Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto is your boy BK and if you're like me you must not like money today is September 19 and it's a very very special date in a crypto burst as you can see we are about to get hot with promise compliments of the doctor if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the boss my name is BK my friends call me the crypto trader and I am the boss of these charts as you will soon find out every day I'm able to grace this microphone with my voice is another date that somebody can profit as a result and today is no exception right before we went live on the air we actually picked our winner of the day if you want your chance to win all you need to do guys is come on live on the air with me jump in the chat I threw out a question of the day every day and Brock was my man that won it today would California love I was telling a story about when I was just a young Boston to making living on the west coast out there in the bay area you know I will drive through Embarcadero down in Daly City just you know zoning out to buy big clay to pot like every other every other day you know hot drink you know it was pretty cool Oakland drop across the breeze go get some sushi at Izumo I paint you know so it was good time in Cali so so you know congratulations my man bright this is what I'm do BAM Oh put you up in our Facebook group if this is your first time tuning in check it out everybody this is no joke the number one Bitcoin group in the world right and and you can see right here once we go up top with it you can see that it's a very very very empowering group everybody we don't pump and dump each other we don't you know send eternal other referral Coldfoot Ponzi scheme faucets on on bit sky cloud mining that co uk we all do that we don't do that we just come together we read the charts Green over orange breakout BAM jump in put some money down cash out back in college they used to call me mister put down to and pick up six so that's what we do every time the green go above the orange we put two down come back two days later and pick up six cash out like a boss so here you go eleven thousand and my best friends come together every single day seven days a week to empower each other on these charts and it's a really really really amazing community we share articles breakouts just different things happening in the market and most of all we put together charts my man was talking about birds right here talk about it looked like it should bounce off that lower level of support I agree you know so this is what we do people come together we make money together we break bread together you know in the hood they call me Santa Claus because when I come I always bear gifts you know and in this group I just I just live between holidays babies you know every day is Thanksgiving because every day we eat and every day we break bread together right bless the food eat that's how though every day no exceptions Facebook group doors are always open completely free to join you ain't got paid 995 for you to meet course you ain't gotta you know join no secret - dashboard telegram snap tweet under that none of that free come on in door's always open now let's get to these charts and let's make some money with the boss uh as you can see my man the legend the doctor once upon a time made made some music back in high school it was called chronic 2001 right made this CD called the crank and this thing was a game changer you can see it didn't have no fancy cover all it was was a black screen with a couple green letters and they 60 minutes would change your life you know it was pretty cool so and and it's so much that you know I just wanted to give you all a little little little taste you know what my man sounded like back in the day as a young D re so check it out check it out just just just observe and appreciate that means we takin over baby I'm that's my favorite part of the whole city that's why I had to put that little drop in there so without further ado let's check out the coyness that's gonna be taking over two markets in the immediate future again this is a trade you guys this is a not a long term hold it you know hold them no no no we are playing this for the up and it has already it's about to break out right now I would already went up a little bit and check it out I am sad at this point what's up this thing is interesting um very very interesting on this swing trade that we're gonna be getting to that but first of all let's grab it you know drop it like it's hot right now we have 0.01 Bitcoin bit tricks calm and we want to buy click that confirm button and bam we see how easy that thing feel it already know it said BK you want to make some money so that's how we do it baby that's how we do it now let's jump out to the chart let's jump out to the chart say BK why you why you buy that you're a Bitcoin what does don't do what so check it out check it out it's what we got right here there's your first time tuning in this website is trading be calm I already sketched on this a little bit just just to show you guys how it comes together I will go ahead and cut the candles off so we just ten look at the trend lines themselves that's really all the information you need and we are looking at a three hundred and forty-three minutes chart we're using the false method so we have three moving averages a at 21 and a 77 if I wanted to jump out you know but a lot farther I could turn on the 2 for 231 but you'll see I'm gonna be zoomed in here so I'm actually looking at the lot between the 21 and the 77 so here you go first thing I wanted to do was draw a trend line from this point right here all the way back in time all the way back gotta take it back way back I'm pretty sure that's another day ad-lib - it's time to go back wait so we going all the way back you guys and you can see I guess I can zoom out for this part what we're making a trend line between is the two highs on this screen so kind of is really just came out of nowhere right in the middle of May with like a ridiculous breakout like that's like you know some hedge fund money just bought up all the cannabis on the whole market you know and sent this thing into an aftershock so this is our first trend line right there and we can color this thing let's do it like a purple so you can see it's like slowing down so Bam Bam right top of the green top of the green break down break down so we know that's like a global area of resistance right but what happened when we got up close and for this trendline where did we start we started right here so we don't even have this one yet the next 10 lines I drew was this middle one right here and we can make this one blue right and so for this trendline I took the green and the red intersection right there copy and paste it right there right and that more or less gives me the breakdown like the local downgrade right broke down boom broke down boom so anything up under that point you can see it's still literally pressing it down into the orange right to major breakdowns what can we do with that information we can copy/paste it throw it up top to almost the top of that red right just have it barely touching that red line copy/paste it throw it down to the bottom to that green breakdown over to orange and you can see we almost confirm it on that side when we broke out so these are three solid trend lines guys and from all this information we're able to see if we jump forward just a little bit we're able to see that cannabis is coming up to a major major major move and the reason I know that is because once we start throwing some vertical lines in here at these intersections this one that vertical line is as a result of that intersection that vertical line is a result of that intersection and this vertical line over here as a result of that intersection but once we start doing that and we cut the candles back on look at that this thing is uh setting up to make a move and it's gonna be doing it pretty quick because the way these systems work is when you put a horizontal line at this intersection look at what happens as a result this one needs to be lower right there yeah right there that's my bad let's get rid of that one but when you put these horizontal lines here especially these two that blue is almost right on top of that big breakout right there which leads me to believe that this next horizontal line we are going to have another breakout somewhere in there it's not always perfect and somehow I just messed this one up this some kind of way but uh the line I drew before more or less gave me that candle too but I messed it up I think it was like somewhere in there so essentially what what I think the opportunity is and again this is nowhere near a long-term hold but if we hit it and we can make ten percent in a few days that's what our goal is right and so just to close it out once we freestyle on a Fibonacci put it on the bottom green right there to that breakdown point let me I clear this off this looks kind of messy but this is this is what attracted me to most to this chart when we freestyle on a fibonacci breakout to break down you can see that we had this nice area over here right there we had this nice area in the Middle where we consolidated right on that block the bottom of that money line and then we had this area right here where we just you know waved up right there on that on the top of that money line and ever since then ever since then we've just been slowly but surely drifting up and guess what we got behind us that orange line is drifting up too and so that in itself in addition to the different areas of suppression that we saw earlier that actually turned to breakouts that in itself is enough for me to think that this coin is decent enough to trade for a short term play and and that's what I wanted to start showing you guys is how you can pick these coins at the right time just before they ready to break out at you if you've been with us the whole time you picked up some mist right probably got mad when it dropped down 5% well guess what today BAM hit the market for about 12 18 percent you know so understand sometimes it takes time but the mechanics of this chart show that it's it's ready to break out right and the minute we clear that blue line we'll probably do something like that hit the top of that orange and come right back down but guess what we'll sell it right around there that's when we'll start actually going hour to hour you know day to day really really getting inside of the chart to maximize that profit and that's where I want to take you guys as quick as possible instead of just buying it and hold it and waiting you know let's in the market be first and this is a trading coin right here we only plan to have this you know let's look at this let me show you how long Logan we're gonna have this thing we aren't even gonna be on this that long right check it out check it out so if we do we do something like that yeah not actually will work and we put it at the bottom intersection let's turn off this 21 there you go there you go and nobody else do this I could promise you that we will not have this point in October we're gonna sell it way before it in and we're gonna make a bunch of money because that's the channel that it has to fill during that time BAM and that is how you chart like oh so with that being said guys this is a swing trade right we're looking to catch this thing no joke at the peak sell it jump often you know gain 20 percent once once we see how much let me see how much this is somewhere around there that's 38 percent so if we can lock in dirty that is beautiful right inside of a week that's gonna be a major major play and this is how you do it you guys you look for the ones that's just ready and then also like it because it's not that much to lose like if this thing drops back down to the money line what did we lose we lost two or three days and 5% let's don't find something else right or we spend five days and we can I shout 30% do you understand the trade off now you never give your time away for free you are always making money on the markets and when that green is above that orange that means you're beating the market nine out of ten times that's why this method is so effective so with that being said I told you this was gonna be a quick clean video if you're in a chat right now do me a favor shout your country out I'm coming to you in 90 seconds this is your first time tuning in I wanted to show you the website we have for the community it's called pulse of Bitcoin dot-com you click on that website right now www that Bossa bitcoin calm you go see that man yeah suited in booty in the red white and blue looking like the American Dream they said as a hard job being the boss but somebody got to do it so let's look at the products that he put together for your benefit as well the first of which is the profit package I know a few guys were in the chat talking about this earlier it's a banger you guys I tell you every video it's got the movers the Shakers and the money makers right so just as you can see I could jump on this chart and inside of ten minutes show you how to make thirty percent inside of five days this list does it for you it's literally a hand selected list of the power coins in the market and all you do is just rotating that money around with one gets hot another is cooling off and another is warming up and you just keep that money flowing and you keep them profits growing right profit pact is there for you benefit twenty five dollars and you will see firsthand how to be profitable in a marketplace next up is the dream team this thing it started with a dollar and dream so if you got a doll and you got a dream then you got a coin on this list and you are one step closer to longevity and profitability in a marketplace this is the next level of recruits right so if the profit packages all-stars the dream team is the recruits a lot of these coins on this list nobody has heard about but one of them and so much I think it's numbered not is about to do something crazy on the chart number nine is about to do something crazy number one we just actually just got number one so number one is like BAM right number one on both lists you know number one on the problem package control this 10 years in the market and number one on that on the dream team probably go control the next ten years in the market it's ridiculous how how they work but there you go so you have those two options in addition to that you can also set up one-on-one meeting $25 for face time with the boss the rest of the details are in the description you paid out 25 it will open my calendar up directly right so once you confirm your appointment and you can see it's jumping up already so that's great but once you confirm your appointment it'll give you a link to my personal calendar so say for example you wanted to do Saturday afternoon after the kids baseball gam p.m. BAM click that button now you got face time with the boss and this is actually something I look forward to every day I talked to two three four people a day sometimes just to help you guys to dedicate time make mouth make myself accessible for you to be profitable again if you're in the chat thirty seconds and I will be right there right again that's the biggest part of my day sometime is to actually be able to talk to people to uh really really reach out right to our community each one reach one reach one teach one I was just going through my old videos you know because tomorrow I'm doing an update on one of my most popular videos so tomorrow look for that um but back in the day I was yelling out screaming I was mad you know I was a little trying to prove myself right I think I was trying to prove it to myself that you know I actually knew what I was doing whereas now it's like oh yeah you know so it's not so much a matter of it we are profitable cuz I've developed a method that beats the market nine out of ten times if you have a better method put your comments leave your comments in a description please you know let me know let me know but the numerology to methodology the astrophysics involved in this simple very simple method is astounding and that's why it's so good but it's only as good as you allow it to be right you have to manifest your money I can't do it for you I can just give you the key you have to unlock the door right and that's where you know our community come really really comes into place right we support each other we encourage each other we love each other and we profit together I say this in every video like I don't I can't watch the news anymore it's really sickening with with the amount of negativity that is spewed from the talking heads on TV with the voices in their ear and and the words behind behind the camera telling them exactly what to say they're literally a robot a drone a puppet so don't listen to him block amount they can bacon you twenty different ways that were separated Oh left Pro right conservative-liberal I don't even know anymore they got they got a I got a new word every day like alt what is it all progressive conservative realists scholar like what you know I don't even know anymore I can't I can't do it they can think of twenty ways dividers but not one way to bring us together well I got one it's called profit right it's called money it's called well it's called residual income to change your life to change your life and break the chains of financial repression and I give it to you for free so if you appreciate that by all means come on in the door's always open you know we always got room for one mo at the table so let's see who we got on our check box right now rocking out with the boss so let's see guys here we go oh I see two one six my cocoon was going on UK USA Canada Australia Canada Jersey Cali Denver mile-high salute to Jamal up in Denver hold me down binco and Fresno was going on profit package powerful so you're gonna be power oh I like that word thank you thank you thank you thank you Washington Heights was good Texas Phoenix man Kobe bi-lo Mako shout-out to the fam down there Mexico City two times what's up and we got one mo let's do it one more one more and we got Phoenix AZ Ryan Newman said Phoenix AZ like a boss thank you all so much for taking the time and joining me this evening I sincerely hope that you can make as much money as possible I don't ask for any donations I taped them and then I turn around and I give that money right back so if you are able to make some money and throw me a little bit know that that's going to bring some more people in right um each one reach one reach one teach one that being said guys I got it go it's that time of the date this is the folks signing out yo boy beat K no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay and California good night good morning and good day I appreciate the time thank you for joining me copy and paste this video and share pack this little button down here on YouTube that little arrow right and just share anywhere everywhere more people that become empowered better do that for me if you appreciate mine until we meet again stay cryptic jobскачать dle 11.3
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