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PIVX SIACOIN Bitcoin Price 2821 Cryptocurrency News Analysis FREE BITCOIN BTC 2018

20 February 2018, Tuesday
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that's right everyone live from the USA this is the boasts of Bitcoin the crease though of Creek though is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money today is July 22nd and as you can see we are hot off the block with another banger this is the mixtape from Cash Money coins the world has been grading for its pivots first see a coin which one is gonna go to the top which one is gonna be number one on the block we about to find out right now what I wanted to do you guys is take a couple of moments you know take a step back from the market it's a lot of uh you know emotion in Bitcoin right now some people think we going down 800 some people think we go on 1800 some people think we go on a 3,800 so instead of you know grinding the bits a mo big coin chart into the ground you know I wanted to actually get some feedback from you guys and see what was important in our community and this guy jumped on just a comment on one of the last videos and I said thank Brandon interesting tank off-topic what do you think about pivots you know and you know I come from a line of thinking that say you know if you ain't the smartest one or if you're the smartest one in your group you need to get a new group in you know long time ago I used to be the smartest one in my group so what did i do I created a group on Facebook and now I've got four thousand five hundred and eighty-five people smarter than me so I asked him I say hey guys how do you feel about this one and a lot of people you know provided a lot of input you know that was pretty positive and pretty informative so I definitely wanted to include it in our discussion right so again this is our Facebook group if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best I come the boss of Bitcoin and right now we have a group about 5,000 strong we're 24 hours a day seven days a week we talk crypto and that's pretty amazing so he's got getting some awesome feedback another person earlier on the Facebook group posted this chart right here he said hey I'm a noob but it looks like a breakout is coming soon foresee a coin you know and I check this chart out and I was like wow that's pretty awesome man like you called it you called it he actually called the battery look like SC the bottom out right there and and has been riding in that channel and consolidated nicely so so essentially we have a situation where we're again we're going to a standoff between two potential breakouts right pivots and see a coin and so what I wanted to do on this on this on this call right here is really just look at these two charts see how they differ see how they come together and really see how you can be profitable in the market that is the key word profitable right and and one of the things I put together for you guys is the profit package but before we get to that it's it's it's definitely before we get to that it's definitely one thing I do need to do and that is get some cash wait to my people in the chat so every day you guys I'm giving cash away I give away about hundred dollars a month payable out and Bitcoin straight to your wallet so one thing I asked my people in the check you can win any day you can win every day but in order to win you got to get here you got to eat here early I asked the question of the day you give you answer and then after that I pick somebody and and we keep it moving that person win some cash for me and then we get on with the video so the question of the day is what coin do you think we'll break out first let's see who do we want who's going to win a lot of people saying pivot so I'll keep saying pivots I see some pivots that see pivot spot pivots alright let's go with my man let's go with my man David right here baby money baby taking over but a 9 9 and a 2000 right so this is how it works right now I am actually going to post your picture in our Facebook groups a Bitcoin winner today all you need to do is go to our Facebook page comment on that picture and then I'm against a wild information and send you over some cash I do appreciate you guys and support you know like I said this channel is one of literally one of the fastest growing channels and all of YouTube you know I've been doing videos about a month and already got about 15,000 people on the different platforms United coming together and learning from each other so that's pretty amazing we will get to that a little bit later on on how you can join in as well so first one up is pivots this is just a brief overview let's do that - a brief overview on pivots pivots is essentially light clean for - it's on the same I don't want it I don't want to get the terminology 1 because you guys will clown me but essentially it's a smaller bastard - so just the same as litecoin a silver - bitcoins though pivots is silver two dashes go on if - is cached and pivots better be some change right so you know that's one of the reasons I wanted to look at this one because I think - is definitely a solid coin for the future and if that's the case then pivot is essentially just as reputable if not a better bargain because it's not as expensive right now right this is one when we when we zoom out in time we can see that just like - you know last a few months ago it had a huge run huge huge run right and now just recently you know like a lot of other charts we see we tanked probably around may actually before everybody else did and say we've been building back nicely this is coinage e.com this is not trading these physics is not on treating you because it's not on any of the major major exchanges yet and by major I mean coinbase Polonia it's crackin it's on bit Rick's so in order to purchase vivix you need to go to bid tricks and so because of that it's on coinage II and so that's why this chart looks a little bit different but the trading levels are the exact same the moving averages are the exact same a 77 a 21 and a 77 and so now this is all I wanted to look at is just to show you guys how these channels are coming together and and what pivots actually looks like so you can see we had a big boom big big big boom right here let me I was gonna try to measure this I'm still figuring out there we go that looks like something I could use so from there to there in 37 days 5,000 percent that's pretty pretty impressive and then 37 days after that we went down 5,000 percent back down to you know plus 800 so now we're looking at a nice consolidation run right to where we went up five thousand percent came down about four thousand percent and now we've just been nicely consolidating over the past two months and one of the reasons I like vivix is because while the rest of the market and this is the exact same with - while the rest of the market has lost 30-40 percent since the beginning of June vivix has not pivots has actually gained to date a hundred and sixty-five percent since June first 170 percent actually I'm sorry no we were actually right around level right now we've gained 12 percent since the 1st of June 15 percent that's pretty good when everything else is down you know 40 percent we're uh you know right at 14 percent that's that's pretty good that means when this thing does recover and kick back kick back and overdrive and all this money comes into the alts again then pivots should definitely break out and I know you see a lot of lines on this chart I was this is actually what some of my charts look like when I'm trying to figure out how to inside of them work it's like science class when you cut open frog and you you know peel the skin back layer by layer this is what mine look like but essentially it's all the same that we do every day I have one simple trend line that's drawn and we'll focus on this side and I do that trend line by looking at two points those two-part points are green to orange which was right about there and then because I was looking at for post reversal I wanted the lowest green to red intersection so actually I think I stuck green to red on both sides so let me change the color it is so lovable so it wasn't a green to orange trim line and this is why this is why I didn't do grain to orange because normally with grain to Orange I'm trying to identify the breakdown point but with pivots with this one it was pretty obvious like that's the low point so I don't need green to orange on both sides I can go green to red because essentially I'm only looking at half of the equation right so that's all I did green to read intersection cross right there copy and paste it and we find the point in time on the other side that we're looking for and that one came right there when we do that and extend it out that gives us this trend line right and again remember I told you you know you have a good trend line when floors become ceilings see that so support becomes resistant that's when you know you have a constant relationship capture in that trend line but look at what happens when we take our trend line and instead of tying it into the intersection of the line we bump it down to the lowest green point possible we actually get pretty close to the spot where that green broke through that orange which tells you we're on to something and when we take it to the lowest candle down there we get the new channel that pivot is now riding on so it's very very easy and very very simple to find a solid trend line and this is one of the reasons why I like pivots right now because essentially it has defined the new life that it has and that is on an up channel after a break down right so pivots I think is a definite solid play right now vivix is a definite solid play let's check out sequin see a coin unlike pivots is listed on the major exchanges so we can jump over to our trading you chart and this is when I was working on as well this is actually one where I predicted wow that's my fault I might have to edit that part out alright so there we have see a coin this is one that I've actually been looking at for a while this is one where I you know saw the the different channels setting up and actually predicted the big jump from like 5 20 up to like 9 20 back here made have made a very very very nice profit and since then basically the same thing has happened you know it's consolidated a lot probably like 60% 70% right and now just like pivots its found these two uptrend channels that it's bouncing back on right and so we can see that you know these are two completely different coins two completely unrelated industries CEO point is more in the you know data sharing division where as pivots is more in currencies quick lightening transactions so given that these are two distinct standalone coins but they have similar very very very similar channels setting up leads me to think that our market the Bitcoin market the crypto market altogether at least the altcoin market is setting up for a faster recovery than most of us may have thought I think the crypto community is a lot stronger now than it was three four years ago so maybe whereas would have taken us you know two years to recover from a 40 billion dollar deficit I think nowadays it might only take us two months to recover and maybe four years from now it would probably take us two weeks and probably four years after that it'll take us two days who knows but I think we're actually a lot stronger in the market then some of the charts might show I think you know crypto is very very very volatile I think just the fact that Bitcoin has spent two days hovering around its all-time high even though it crashed to the floor two days before that shows that there's still a lot of confidence in it and I think these smaller coins are starting to show us that you know there is some money to be made down here at the bottom it's a lot of people you know not even looking at these kind of coins right now but this is actually the area you want to buy in not up here because by the time you get up there you get people like me you know that understand the charts that will make a lot more you know on those swing moves there is if you just get down in on at the bottom you can you can really ride it all the way up and you don't you're not really worried about you know little dips and little swings because you got in on the ground floor so that's the opportunity I think with both of these coins right now and and the bigger opportunity is to remain profitable and prosperous and if you give me one second I have one graphic I wanted to pull up real quick yes a real the real opportunity is it remain profitable and prosperous and that is why I am actually releasing I mention it yesterday and we had you know five or ten purchases last night five or ten orders last night what I call the profit package this is a list of ten coins that will definitely help you help you to remain profitable and prosperous prosperous and this time turbulent time in the market I've spent the better part of almost two months now research and many of these coins and and one of the coins we talked to talked about today is on that list the other one is not I'm not going to tell you which is on and which is off I'll leave that up to you people who purchase this you you will easily be able to identify so you'll you'll know right away you know the rationality and the reasoning behind the selection because with each coin I give you know two or three sentences just to help the people understand like the logic behind it and why this is actually you know one of the best coins in the market right now um and and I did this you know when I first started putting on videos about a month ago called - on the last one like corn on the last one ripple on the last one Bella back in a daisy cash back back before JP Morgan had you know signed their deal with Omaha's e-cash as my number nine number ten pick Bela was like number seven number eight so you know a lot of coins that people don't even think about or burn even interested in I knew would would bring in some some big-time profit so so this is another hand pan selected list the way you order it if you are interested there is a link in the description called the profit package BK's top 10 picks it will take you to a website that looks like this it's $15 it's real easy you put in your purchase information and click tickets you check out you put in your purchase information and then you will get an email that takes you directly to that page so you know I do have that available I also have one on one meetings available to where I got two or three tomorrow and I had one with Brian today we're gonna reschedule that one but um you know my calendar is filling up so if you are interested in getting together for a one-on-one that's how you do that as well the link is in the description for that and lastly before we get out of here I did want to show my people some love because this is how we end every show in there at the beginning I get you paid and at the end I get you made so you can uh shout your country out if you're in the chat right now it looks like we got to 300 people live on the air that's so amazing so what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna open the chat up shout your country out let the people know you know I'm saying where you were you tuning in from and so after that you know people can see that this is a global community we want to keep it positive we want everybody to know that they're included they're invited whenever they get a chance to listen to this video so with that being said let's bring this thing back over here let's see who yeah let's see who we got all right all right come in Tom Walker holding down from OHT NICU baby was going out was going out Minnesota Texas jerk money big in the building UK Tampa New York NYC Morocco the track was going on some Bob Wilson in the track Young's an 8-pound big lemon cake to how a live was one of my first listeners back in the day I was like I got a dude in South Africa that's amazing so what's up laughs what's going on as good see make all I appreciate it sydney australia australia cambodia big alex up and why see you Algeria Morocco okay Jordan it's Callie in the building what else we got what else we got India ATL Boston Bermuda Triangle Philippines in your Portugal South Africa UK Detroit what up Lithia Springs Boston Europe Australia Georgia Cali Thailand Colombia Philippines and Mars my man say he on Mars right now so I'll net no you know it's that time of the day you guys no matter where you stay is your boy BK signing out no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay in California all the way up to Germany good night good morning and good day I appreciate the support if you appreciate mine you know reach out to me support the community with that profit package take a one-on-one meeting copy and share this URL text it to a friend so that they may be empowered as well with the financial freedom that comes from being successful in these markets thank you again I love you guys and I will see you next time youскачать dle 11.3
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