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Bitcoin Price 6100 Crypto Trading DGB VOX Bittrex

20 February 2018, Tuesday
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live from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the bose a bitcoin the creased o of crypto it's your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money today it's october thirtieth and as you already know bitcoin is still looking strong northa six thousand dollars bitcoin cash sitting nice above four hundred the market is looking good look like it's a lot of money about the flow into these all coins which means we about to uh you know put a couple quarters in and try to get a new high score on these videogame Kryptos if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is DK my friends know me as the crypto trader and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception so right now without further adieu we go to our question of the day at the end of this video so stay tuned for that for your chance to win win some free Bitcoin but let's go ahead and give the people what they came to see here we go everybody we are looking at digi bite and voxels you know and me you know I'm a gamer probably 28 years strong Young's and all the way back since Mad 92 you could find your boy on the states going back on back to Super Nintendo when you have to pop the cartridge out you know I'm saying actually old-school Nintendo duck hunter you know I remember playing duck hunter with my uncles up in my grandmother's uh on the third floor kids wasn't loud up there but we went up there once or twice but played with my uncle you know third floor in the house played duck hunter back then so you know I grew up on video games so I think it's pretty cool to be able to see the next generation the evolution of the platform and when you think about digital communities you think about gaming it's really combining two immersive worlds you know looking at the business operations out of it Microsoft if they wouldn't have been been into Xbox they probably would have went out of business along right and even then if they wouldn't have invented if they wouldn't have enabled digital gaming on the Xbox basically what is it a Microsoft lives right I think that I'm pretty sure they make more money off the Xbox and video games than they do selling software anymore and this is Bill Gates this is you know 50 years of computers they make more on video games now to nate nuance on on on computers on computer applications right this is the future it's not just a distraction and a cool animation like this is a legitimate multi-billion dollar industry I was gonna say trillion I'm pretty sure it's trillion at this point all around the world when you talk about mobile digital broadband you know the different types of game things but I'll be safe and save billions so here we go we got we have two companies that are that are kind of breaking of what breaking away from the pack right when it comes to games on blockchain digi byte and boxes right and so what I'm gonna do today is go through both of the charts right and show you how they differ show you how to similar show you where to buy an opportunity might be and I'll let you know ahead of time one of these charts is on our dream team so if you haven't gotten a dream team you know you'll you'll have a good idea of where the value is after this video but one of the coins on on this list right so here we go without further ado let's jump into the charts let's get this money we are going to be using the boss method this is tradingview dot-com everybody if this is your first time tuning in I got a playlist put together it's called chart like a boss just go ahead and type that in the YouTube right there in that browser click on that button hit that subscribe button and you are officially a part of the money team this is intellectual property on exclusively for the rights of replication of branding kelly LLC if you are a person I allow you to use it for free use it and use it abundantly it works quite well and it will make you a lot of money if you are business a hedge fund a bank of fiduciary you do not have my express written consent nor will you ever have my express written consent this property is for two people so with that being said here we go this is voxels everybody out of bossman that you already know green below orange cell green above orange bye it's just that easy to get paid right so one thing we can see look let's look at the macro for a second right with bottles right and we're just going back about a year about twelve months so you can see we've been in a few cycles already break out break down flatline whoops sorry let me clean that up break out break down flatline those are the three steps you need for one complete cycle break out break down flatline right break out right down flatline so inside of a year it looks like you know we've had one two about to wrap up our third complete cycle on voxels right average one is about three months it looked like this last one was you know six months so basically one plus two equals three I think you got as I've heard me say that a few times now I just want to give you idea of how to evaluate the macro before you look at the micro the macro is stretching you know twelve months this whole screen is macro this whole screen is important because it tells us what to focus on when we get down to the nitty-gritty of another easy way to do it is to do this right breakout to breakout this basically gives you one cycle right on this chart copy and paste that throw it back it proudly hits it right there on the head where we started another cycle that was a correction actually you know what let's do this real quick Bam Bam that's one cycle per second cycle that one's a little bit longer there's our third cycle and right now I would even argue that we could call it here but I argue knowing our knowledge of the market that that last little piece was just like a Bitcoin gold fork debacle right and it's really not showing any weakness and voxels itself this is just like a market correction because you can see we were sitting flat for a very very long time and a lot of all coins did this unfortunately over the past you know four weeks just took another nosedive right but if you look at this thing long-term we're really just sitting right around the floor of what was normal to us all the way back there right remember I say it's two things you got to look for you got to look for the place where floors become ceilings and where ceilings become floors right and so just doing that copy and paste boom boom throw it up right we can kind of see the different levels built into this chart already and what I'm looking at right now is voxels most definitely is a buy right now today take it to the bank cash it in bring the cheque home on Friday kiss the wife and kids and tell her you got you got Christmas gifts on luck you know I'm saying this is a buy this is how you make money guys when that green is above that orange and that orange has gone flat right this is a buy so when that orange goes all the way down and then goes flat like that and that green comes through it and then that orange turns around and follows it that's a that's a change in the tide you understand so that's a buy right there one of the things I wanted to show you with boxes is how the Mac Pro is helping you to determine the micro and also what's going to happen now is that green is eventually going to go up and try to crack through that white it's probably not gonna make it on the first time it's gonna go back to sleep but what it'll do is it'll send that white going flat and the minute we have the green break through the white the orange follow it and then the white come back up like that you got the Holy Trinity and green means and boxes is really ready to make some serious money probably going up north you know of 200 you know right now it's at 56 it's still even in the past what is this even in the past three days this thing has just been crazy like if we just let's just turn on the candles right if we would have bought this thing well I mean I'll be honest I bought it back here under 600 right I bought it as soon as that green I bought it I like 580 right there as soon as that green cracked above that orange I got it so I'm good on this one I'm trying to help y'all make some money no because it's taking a little break right it's taking a little break it down about 30 percent but this thing has some serious momentum in it and it's not done right but if you would have bought it right there green above orange granite it went up a hundred percent and it's back down you still plus twenty six percent in two days that's not bad right that's not bad at all that's pretty good so again voxels most definite buy right now all this tells me the only thing you can see right here is that the market is very excited and it's a lot of people that's been waiting for voxels to go up right so it's it's the good in bed a lot of people are waiting for voxels to go up so a minute it go up they've been waiting so long they start selling it right so they they take up they own money out they pocket and give it to somebody else but don't think that's all that voxels got this thing is legitimate a real deal opportunity you know so so take it for what you will green above orange Buy and that thing hit went up about 20% as a result let's jump over to D G be busy by put a Bitcoin so here we go look at that damn that thing that hurt hopefully I wasn't holding it hopefully hopefully hopefully the people that you know bought it up here hopefully y'all still don't got it just waiting has a long time to be late man that's a long time to be waiting I'll tell you what this boss method it's real easy Green go below orange you better abandon ship get up out of there you know even right here even even if you was foolish enough to ride this thing all the way down right all the way down hoping praying probably bought some more down here like oh my god it's ready it's ready it's ready right and once that green go below that orange the second time it's it's it's it's not good right it's not good so unfortunately this looks like it's a little bit weaker of a chart and I say that because the time that it took for that green you know to really make a decision with that orange like that's just a painstakingly long slow it's like somebody stuck a knife in your side and you know they they you try to run away and they just walk in with you with that knife stuck in your kidney you know I'm saying you can't run cuz you got a knife stuck in your kidney and then you know they pull it out a little bit right here and let you breathe a little bit more and then they just what happen that's what happened to everybody hold a bottle everybody home did you bite but six months you know so do yourself a favor guys learn the boss method watch the video chart like a boss it's very very easy Green below orange sill get out get out get out right I hope I made it people a lot of money I saved the people a lot of money when aetherium did this I said jump out 360 dollars go back the video still up it's called don't believe the hype when that green go below that orange I say get out right and so busy bite at this point in time at this point in time hopefully you did not this thing going way down and lose you know the baby with the bathwater right because that thing that thing has crushed a lot of dreams right down 90% but if you are sitting on the sidelines and if you've been sitting on the sidelines then this starts to look a little bit different right it starts to look a little bit different I don't love it but I don't hate it down here either and the reason for that is because if we just freestyle on a Fibonacci real quick let me show you how a false do freestyle one time one take Drake own boom let me see can I get it get it can I get it ah no is it that one there you go right there all right to take Drake to tape you know I'm saying is the remix is the remix so here we go freestyle with Fibonacci Bam Bam right that's our breakdown point right there copy and paste it bring it down that's our breakdown point right there essentially we are bouncing off the one six one eight which means we are two times suppressed right it would have been easy for the chart to catch right here which is what it had done already but once it failed by below that point then it was very very hard for the chart to break through it but knowing that we still caught ourselves at the one six so this is essentially you know the ground floor given that we can't fall any lower right but the problem is it's still gonna have a hell of a time getting through that one to 72 you know it had about two months right here and it didn't even come close so it's got some psychological barriers built into that chart but you know the reward will be once this thing can muster up enough energy to do something like that once essentially once it breaks above there then it's going up to they're pretty pretty quick and pretty easy right and once it breaks out of that money zone then it's going all the way up to a 1-point to probably up there somewhere right so a lot of these charts are set up to do some real deal damage in upcoming months you know I don't I don't talk about it a lot you know and if you actually click on my charts my ideas published on on trade and view a lot of charts guy brush where I basically map out the energy inside the fractals of these charts I don't I don't walk through it on every video because a lot of the work has already been done but many of the charts that I see let's check this out Nexus I haven't even checked this yet many of the charts that I see show a major breakout happening right there the week of Thanksgiving there will be a major shift in the market there will be a lot of money being made let me see if I hit this one at all so this one was just more so charting that energy dome didn't hit nothing did it it came off that line so if I wouldn't put it probably at the top of that one yeah that one right there so you know but long story short that line right there comes into contact with the top of the money zone right there on 1122 so right now next is basically consolidated all the way down into that money zone but the energy inside this chart is saying and this is not just Nexus this is probably about 10 or 20 different charts that I've seen so in that the week of Thanksgiving will be a huge week for the offline so make sure you look out for that again trading muqaam one of the best resources i've ever found for cryptocurrency charts and a global 24-hour community right so make sure you jump on there follow your boy if you haven't already and I'm saying reputation getting big real big 2,000 followers it's not bad I got to post more charts on there for y'all another thing we got so there you go you guys again that is digi bytes and voxels essentially that is the future of gaming right we started back in a day with it with a 8-bit cartridge went to 64 bits that's when Mario got a nose of voice and said it's a me Mario and you can stretch his little nose out over here you know saying oh man hey but now it's getting to the point where is go beyond the blockchain is gonna be global it's gonna be a currency a token you know integrated seamlessly so it's gonna be amazing and these are two of the leading charts that we just saw top to bottom on what's what as I told you earlier only one of them is on the dream team you guys and if you don't know what the dream team must suggest you go to boss of Bitcoin dot-com right now and check it out these are this is one of the resources I have available for the community is $25.00 it's a top ten list and they said it started with a dollar and a dream so if you just getting set up in the crypto versus if this is your first time tuning in if my brother Samar Sivan sent you over from his channel understand and shout out I watched two hours on that video I said somebody somebody said he shouted me out I'm saying I'm two hours in I heard it my heebie-jeebies been someone's knowledge man is pretty amazing what he's doing with that channel and it honestly is pretty amazing that even knows my name right but I am highly encouraged and I thank you for joining our community if you haven't yet join us on Facebook we'll get that out in a second but I just wanted to let you guys know that I've done a lot of the hard work for you especially just starting off right I always tell the story is um the the reason I'm able to make money now isn't because I just woke up one day it learn how to make money right I've given so much money away I've lost so much money and I've learned over time how not to lose money right I compared to putting your hand on a hot stove right you do it once you learn how not to do it again and essentially that's what it was I lost I lost a lot of money in stock market right that's one of the reasons I converted over Bitcoin because I was losing so much money I was watching Bloomberg News six hours a day still losing money in the stock market I said what is this I said these people on TV you don't help me do nothing they helped me understand ten ways I lost money they can't tell me one way to get it right you know so that's when I switched over to crypto started Swain trained and really took the time to understand how the numerology how to practice how to energy inside the universe works uh you know come on a little bit of mathematics the fractal harmonics on top of a bus method and you can empower the world that's what we bout to do right now 25 dollars at a time right and and the beauty the beautiful part about it is the money that people have is so minuscule compared to everything else everybody listening to my voice right now can triple their net worth and the banks won't even blink an eye this method will allow you to do it and so that's why that's why I put these products out there it's really not that much money it's a lot of people out there that have made tens of thousands of dollars using my method right and they pay the same price as everybody else you want to know why because I want everybody to have it right um so with that being said that's it that's there for you to profit package there for you you know I'm saying I'm late for a meeting right now if you want a meeting with BK you could do that as well so you say you got some time you know what day is it Monday say you wanted to set something up Wednesday afternoon you just click that little button on the right-hand side that says meet with BK reservation deposit that'll take you to my personal calendar you guys this is actually my favorite part of the day so you wanted to do some Wednesday afternoo p.m. click that button BAM we got some face time you know I'm saying and I'm working with you hand hand in hand to make you profitable that's my commitment to this community I have probably like 10 different meetings tomorrow no joke if I open my calendar now a lot of y'all wouldn't even believe it right let's see let's see I don't want to show nobody's private information but yeah it's a lot of means tomorrow because I've been on the road but I'm still available still open so that is an option if you choose to accept it BAM there you go right there number one Bitcoin group in the world baby we got 13,000 of my best friends come together seven days a week to empower each other to make money my big homie crypto is in a building big drop from PA home it down with no sleeves that's the bodyguard right there you know I'm saying then we got the professor mr. Reggie Holmes the professor right man we got them we got that stuff that's just next-level right how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go so there you go man without without talking to crazy you know I just like to have fun I like to make some money and you know less less less let's bring them bring them both together right now so here we go this is your question of the day what you need to do is jump in the comments of this video as soon as I in this recording jump in the comments and let me know what is BK's favorite video game I haven't told anybody right so anybody can win that's the beautiful part about so what is my favorite video game what video game do you think is my favorite video game of all time so leave that in the comments I will be picking a winner live on the air Monday knows November 6th to get some cash money from mouth bitcoin wallet today so let's go ahead and jump over into our chat right now if you're live on the air we got about 200 people rocking out show me where you where you reppin who you where you from and we will end this with our check-in right now remember Bossa bitcoin calm calendly to get my personal calendar you know and uh those are that's what we got man it's about to be a good a good few weeks you guys a lot of money is going to come back into these all coins so again if you're just now getting started Google type in YouTube chart like a boss and that will take you through the steps through the platforms the process is everything you need to get set up seriously if you haven't joined yet and you're just getting started this group is completely free you know I have an amazing group of mods shout out you know to miss Rodriguez who who came on board shout out to shy shy who came on board as a new mod and and we do you know this is our community right here go to rules right here is not really rules is more so guidelines but we're a community right we're here to empower each other we're not here to spam each other to solicit you know information none of that is like we look out for each other keep the money in the family there you go right so let's do it Bam Bam Bam so let's go ahead with our global check-in right now live on air let me see who we got reppin out where does Big Shot holding it down for Sactown boss walk it on West Coast big live in Cape Town what's going on is good to see thank you for joining us in Orlando float rider in the building Canada's big in the building um is Nani check out our channel 90 crypto she she started doing videos as well I'll make sure to include that in a future video as well just for mommy message me on Facebook whenever you want me to shout you out on a video let's see Dallas Fort Worth Israel Miami shout out to the 305 sky affiliate it was going on London GT a Colorado Springs Connecticut yesterday's competition if you remember it I said it would be a leg so again guys every seven days so yesterday's competition the winner will be selected next Sunday today the winner will be selected next Monday so there you go there you got it yeah I know that might be confusing but just look at a calendar one row down rapid and see us what's going on I know some people up a SC Serbia was going on Spain Megaman Belgium shout-out Ireland Jamaica and UK so here we go guys again thank you for joining us it's been a pleasure speaking with you today make sure you jump in the comments I'm going live off the air right now jump in the comments and leave me your answer that's the only way you can win I'm not picking a winner out the chat right now jump in the comments that way I can see everybody and make sure you know the winner gets identified with that being said it's that time of the day signing out is the pulse your boy BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to debate California all the way back out through serve money good night good morning and good day thank you so much for joining me I do appreciate your time make sure you click that little bit of veil right by that like button do that to me if you appreciate mine til we meet again stay cryptic y'all mmmскачать dle 11.3
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