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Bitcoin Price Prediction Cryptocurrency News XRP Cryptoverse Ethereum News

20 February 2018, Tuesday
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live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy BK and it's your lightning you must not like money happy Halloween everybody in happy birthday Bitcoin it's nothing better than unwrapping a present and finding 60 folk hunting dollars cash money sitting there waiting for you with a bow on it if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my my name is became my friends know me as the crypto trader and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said we are jumping live in our chat right now it looked like we got 200 people rocking out with the folks right now so let's go get somebody paid the question of the day for all of you live on the air listen Han is bitcoin is $6,500 for its ninth birthday it was on this day nine years ago Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin white paper for the electronic peer-to-peer payment network currently known as Bitcoin today is 64 hundred dollars how much will it be on its tenth birthday how much will Bitcoin be one year from today so let's go ahead and just pick somebody give somebody paid get somebody paid on bitcoins birthday who is gonna be BAM my man crypto Haven say it 15 K he actually threw me a little donation earlier so just show you how the universe works to manifest energy back in the positive direction shout out the crypto 15k this is what I'm doing right now I'm gonna copy and paste your name and throw it right here BAM it's a big coin winner of the day do me favor shoot me a message with the Bitcoin while that I will send you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation thank you I've seen your name a few times thank you for joining us on this call thank everybody for joining us we do have an amazing community if you're not a part of it yet the doors are always open thirteen thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to get each other empowered and to get each other in profit right it's the call the number one Bitcoin group in the world on Facebook right now number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one Bitcoin group in the world right come on in the doors are always open we'd love to have you now let's go and make this money as you can see guys it might be a birthday but it came on Halloween trick-or-treat you know depending on who you talk to different people might say different things that's I say I just like to stand back let's see how the money flow in and decide when I'm gonna get paid right and that's kind of what the the gist of this Carly is we're gonna look at bitcoins chart and we'll we'll start to you know assess the viable future for Bitcoin for the rest of the crypto verse you know and see if it's any any boogeyman hiding in the shadows or you know if it's just a bag full of candy and and a lot of happiness going around as a result as Debbie got me thinking about candy right now think about that Snickers bar so you know somebody was in chat earlier tip me $5 say Happy Halloween go get some Snickers so now I'm thinking about Snickers something about candy shout out to miss Debbie home thank you again here we go so what we're gonna do right now is we are going to jump on tradingview comm and we're gonna do a live technical analysis of BTC today USD on coin based the creme de la creme right the granddaddy of them all Bitcoin on coin base right as you know coin base is a number one centralized exchange for Bitcoin it's the only mobile app that allows direct bank transfers and the cryptocurrency in the United States and therefore has claimed a major foothold in the crypto market for liquidity and so when I do my Bitcoin charts this is normally the exchange I look at just because it's the most liquid it has the most exposure in it's the only digital integrated seamless payment system available for the US market right and so let's do this first things first again this is trading view calm you guys if this is your first opportunity and I got a gift for you it's called how to chart like a boss look that up on YouTube right now save it to your favorite playlist and watch one video a day for the next 20 days and you will make a lot of money as a result the first couple videos I walk through to set up just that we're looking at right now it's called the boss method it is intellectual property on exclusively for the rights and replication of Brandi Kelly LLC do not replicate it without my express authorize consent if you are a profit-seeking entity this includes banks hedge funds you know digital personalities bloggers anybody that's not a person if you're just looking to make a profit build something amazing and sell it to the world using this method no you can't do it United States Trademark Office it that's not allowed right but if you're a person III asked that you use it and use it abundantly it works quite well there are two simple rules that you need to follow it's a two moving averages one green one orange seven and 77 when that green goes below that orange you sell when it goes above that orange you buy that's it you do that in nine out of ten times you will make money right so here we go guys we're jumping into this chart now you know now that the logistics have been covered and what do we see on Bitcoin well if if we want a free style on a fibonacci I think I did this on our last call right there breakout to break down the cycle I'm using is a very prominent cycle in bitcoins life because this was actually a psycho that a lot of people in the market a lot of money on if you were in the market between March April May June more than likely you made some money and this is why because Bitcoin had a cycle to where it went up something crazy you know and everybody got paid right so we do that bam bam Bitcoin went up a hundred and fifty percent in 75 days so that's gonna be the fibonacci cycle that I use to more or less chart these next two cycles right so if we give it numbers right that cycle right there is number one this cycle is number two and that cycle is number three right and this is something you can do as well when ever you know you identify a chart that has you know a lot of breakouts and a lot of breakdowns you know just start throwing in some horizontal lines and say okay but where did it start at where did it stop at and start looking at it right and notice I don't really care about the breakdown area right because that's gonna happen regardless right that's just normal so I don't really care about that all I care is about making money and so my attention goes to when that green goes above that orange that's what I focus on right so one two three those areas are just gonna happen I don't really pay attention to them right I just look for when that green is above that orange but what we can see is this section right here where those two purple circles are actually led us to be able to have those two breakouts two and three over there right and one of the things you'll notice when you look at it is that although we made a hundred and seventy-five percent in seventy-five days you know on this run right here we've stayed pretty true to the limits built there within until most recently right we hit our head on the two point four right there we bounced off the one point six we crashed through the two-point-four on that one and now we hit our head on the 3/2 and now we just crashed through it what does that mean that means bitcoin is looking pretty strong you guys and it looks like more than likely we'll will be going eventually up to that $7,600 mark the 4.2 what would need to happen I'm just looking at this thing again where's my 231 at we may take a break yeah we may take a break for a second and come back down here and that's what I was gonna say what we need to happen is we may need to catch for a second just the same as you know we caught down here right we may need to catch and allow our white to catch up and to go flat because once that white goes flat and that green goes through that white then essentially it gives us like a second wind right and we haven't done that here in a while boom boom right so we may need to do that again before we get there which would take us like into the middle in the November where Bitcoin kind of pulls back a little bit maybe but if it doesn't yeah so I could see it doing something like that kind of wavering and then hidden like that right but if it doesn't right there where our 76 78 becomes the new ceiling and we'll probably do something like a double floor right here just like it did down there where we tap the floor twice before we're able to continue on on the next the next extension the problem is has been the correlation with the altcoins a lot of people are fine with Bitcoin going up I'm completely fine with it but we have as traders we have most of our money and the alt coins right now and the problem has been that many of the alts are down aetherium down Neil's down right even some of the new shining stars OMG okay cash right these guys are down everything is down everything has been down since essentially since this point in the market right here back in back in July right almost since like that right there basically everything has been down for the past six months but I think there may be a shift in the tide I think because that six months has pedis wonder let me just show that to you again well put that in like blue or something so you guys can see it because this time has passed right and that was such a major significant part of this Bitcoin cycle of this Bitcoin growth I think because that time has passed I think we may be coming up on a time where both of them can go up again right cuz it wasn't too long ago remember I told you at the beginning his call it wasn't too long ago that Bitcoin went up a hundred percent 150 percent right and the all coins went up 300% that was not too long ago right and we've had enough runs through this Bitcoin cycle to where that maybe you know once we finished this little dip right here that may very well be the next progression that we have on our way up to 75 76 78 hundred dollars look how clean that fits in there too right and that would give us that will give us a decent amount of runway to still make this segue to X deadline it might be something like that too this segue to X deadlines right there in November so essentially what I'm thinking is around November it's gonna be a fresh wave of money coming here and at that time towards the last week in November at that time bitcoins gonna go up and the all coins are gonna go up because everybody oughta speculators are gonna start betting that people are gonna dump seg with two eggs to buy Bitcoin and also to buy the alts because you have to understand what's happening right now right now big money big money I'm talking about hedge funds I'm talking about Warren Buffett and his crew his cronies they are throwing money down on Bitcoin because they value sake with 2x right let's go ahead and delete this right so a lot of the money that's coming into the market right now is not from people right that is not people money this is industrial money this is hedge fund money this is banks this is countries this is million and billionaires get finally getting their fix a Bitcoin why because those guys who own a lot of money basically have their own version of their product on the blockchain with that right there and that's all they care about they just want to get their product on the blockchain and that's what happens November 24th when that fork occurs or whatever day that is but in the mean time right you will have people that look at the altcoins they see Bitcoin up here they say yeah that's great that's great that's great but look a theorems down there - is down there Z cash is down there neo was down there Bitcoin cash is already making a move so that's gonna be up a little bit but all these other all coins that are premium premium premium prom real estate are down pennies on the dollar right now so some of these guys right might say yeah that's fine that's fine I'm glad I you know I bought it I bought it back here I already made thirty percent so let me take a little bit of my profit early and go start scooping some of these guys up right so that's when you'll start to see Bitcoin and the alt coins go up together exactly like they did back here between April and June right because right now it's been one over the other but that's not how to crypto verse has worked in the past this has basically been and honestly this has just been a result of all the forts and internal manipulation going on with the big money players behind the scenes you know these guys included but I think I tied in a I keep saying it a change in the tide is coming so look forward to it get your raft get your lifejacket you know I'm saying get two paddling canoeing start get you know start to swim into money stream because it's gonna flow and it's flowing down healing to the altcoins right it's great bitcoin is all-time highs you know sitting north of 6,000 I'm I'm cool with that but I can't wait until neo five hundred dollars I can't wait until aetherium crack his head on the grand you know I'm saying when - is cash don't don't sleep on it it's still there you know Bitcoin Bitcoin cash has intrinsic velocity tied to Bitcoin at about between five and fifteen percent I'm sorry between 10 and 30 percent of bitcoins net worth right now it's you know less than five percent right that's like free money 10x under two dollars that's like free money you know so the big boys of course they value this big money up here but a few of them are gonna start valuing that and the minute they do is the minute all of our accounts boom out right so that's your 10 second spiel on BTC let me take you over to our community real quick you already seen a Facebook group now we got the website Bossa bitcoin calm in the process of revamping his re upgrading it is a new year trust me I'm gonna have a new face shining but a crypto verse but until the end this is what we got so let's work with it first things first if you are in the chat right now do me a favor shout your country out let the people know where you're repping from I'm coming back to you in 30 seconds first things first guys profit packs BAM is it's a it's legit this is a list of the movers shakers and the money makers using the boss method it's prime time coins you guys some of the coins we just talked about on this call I don't know if you know it but they are on that list if you're just getting started a lot of people are just getting started this list will keep you lacking money in and minimize your risk this list right here the dream team will maximize your reward it started with a dollar in a dream when I was in Cleveland Ohio working out with my little brother we used to listen take a lot of time and so this list if you got a dollar and you got a dream then you got any coin you want on this list right now and you can buy the whole thing with a $20 bill because a lot of times you don't need a lot of money to get a lot of profit and that's what I wanted to get you guys hit to is that you know you don't need a lot of money to get about a profit it's all about percent gain right and dream team definitely helps you lock in those profit with some of these smaller unknown coins number nine don't sleep on it one of my favorite coins in the crypto space right now what else we got on here what else we got six and seven bamm-bamm I just got registered on number six actually so hopefully I'll be able to get on that and number four honestly number four should be on the profit package but it came out after the fact so I threw it on the dream team but number four is like a real deal legit heavy-hitter right that's a heavyweight so there you go dream team is available for your purchase and the last thing we got is the number is a one-on-one meeting with DK you saw the button right there on the right that will open up my personal calendar for you so say you wanted to do something with a is it Thursday say we wanted to do something oh we unavailable Thursday okay BK Wednesday Wednesday morning a.m. BAM click that button now we got some face time and this one I dedicated an hour hour and a half just the make you money man I didn't talk to people with $100 I don't talk to people with $100,000 and my message is the same it's a custom delivered hand-built you know strategy for you to be profitable and prominent in the marketplace with that being said let's jump back over to our people who've been rockin out with me for about an hour now hundred thirty-five people live on the air let's see where they coming in from Poland what's going on shout out to the motherland I was just over there not too long ago into hash review coming tomorrow morning look out for it Poland Warsaw was amazing experience thank you again to in has seen but taken me in as a member of your team it's been amazing journey with you guys learning what you do and I look forward to reporting back to our community tomorrow so make sure you tune in tomorrow morning for that Antarctica in the house really real that's pretty cool Israel in the house USA New Zealand what's going on Texas Houston Ireland Colorado Belgium again everyday BAM cheers to my man in Belgium sandy hey go boss walking on the west coast Flo Rida got his shark today what's up Oregon Cali build them two times Antarctica okay yeah we got it we got it we got it Miami 305 right New Jersey awaits ten miss Heather I see somebody Ohio players are in the building Toledo stand up what's up two times for the for the Buckeye State uganda jersey one more one more one more and Salt Lake Utah right that's pretty amazing you guys thank you for joining us last thing here you go this is this is your second time your second chance addition to get paid right question of the day right so what I'm doing right now is this is your benefit your bonus for listening to about 30 minutes of my voice if you are finding this live on the air you can jump off as soon as we jump off of this video you can jump in the comments but I'm about to get you the question of the day right now this winner will be selected on Tuesday November 7th and this is for comments only you guys I haven't updated so wait a second wait a second let it load up and that is what okay ah okay here we go what was BK's Halloween costume this year there you go that's our question of the day again the winner will be chosen Tuesday November 7th but make sure you jump into comments as soon as we are off the air and tell me what you think my Halloween costume was this year I'll show a picture of it on a Tuesday 2/7 once we pick a winner but there we go guys thank you for joining us it's about that time of the day signing out this though both yo boy BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bake-a-thon I ate all the way back to Germany good night good morning good day thank you for joining me I do appreciate the time copy the URL for this video text it to somebody you care about do that for me if you appreciate mine until we meet again stay cryptic y'allскачать dle 11.3
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